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Eivor entering into the Cave of Gold

The Cave of Gold was a cave that housed an Isu vault pedestal and one of the Pieces of Eden in the northern part of Scotland's Isle of Skye.


In the 9th century, the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan and the Spartan mercenary Kassandra discovered the cave during their investigation for the "artifact" causing the nightmares around the island. Upon their entry into the cave, both Eivor and Kassandra were ambushed by more cursed villagers, to which Eivor confronted Kassandra afterwards. Kassandra admitted that her presence may have activated the artifact and Eivor responded by disvowing their partnership and decided to find the pedestal's five shards herself.[1]

After collecting all five of the triangular shards,[2] Eivor entered within the sanctum and discovered another closed doorway along with more cursed villagers. Upon her probing, Eivor became unaware at an ambusher behind her as he threw a spear at her head. However, Kassandra saved Eivor's life and joined her into fighting more ambushers. After defeating the villagers, both Eivor and Kassandra manuevered their way through the doorway and ventured further within the cave.[3]

Illusions appeared before Eivor and Kassandra of the mercenary's past, such as shields and weapons of both Sparta and Athens, a mask of the Cult of Kosmos, and Chara. With the illusion of Chara, Kassandra stopped as she was overwhelmed with emotion, while Eivor spotted the artifact, an Apples of Eden. Nearing closer, Eivor grabbed the Apple but was overcome by its power and shouted for Kassandra's help. Together, Eivor and Kassandra deactivated the Apple and stopped the nightmare plague on the island altogether.[3]




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