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Cavanagh (died 1862) was a director of the Metropolitan Railway of London, a member of the British Rite of the Templar Order during the Victorian era and formerly a Corporal in the British Army during the First Anglo-Afghan War.


Retreat from Kabul

In 1842, Cavanagh served as a Corporal in the British occupation, and subsequent retreat from Kabul under the command of Major-General William Elphinstone. Sensing the immediate danger and likelihood of death that would occur during the retreat, he convinced a Colonel he knew to be a member of the Templar Order, Walter Lavelle, that they would both be better off deserting the army and making their own way to Jalalabad around the Khord-Kabul Pass where he knew the main assault on the army would occur.

After the first night of the march, Lavelle had seen enough evidence of the Afghans' intentions to kill them that he agreed to leave the group with Cavanagh serving as his batman along with a Sikh sepoy. During the journey, the three men were faced with a small encampment of five Afghan hillmen and were forced to fight. Lavelle and the sepoy provided cover fire from behind a boulder as Cavanagh used the element of surprise to attack the tribesmen directly. When an errant shot allowed one the Afghans to get in an attack, Cavanagh walked away from the conflict with a permanent facial scar and a considerably low opinion of Lavelle's abilities.

Concealing themselves in the hillmen's clothes, the three deserters later stumbled upon a roaming settlement of one of Afghan leader Akbar Khan's warlords. Unable to simply flee, the disguised Cavanagh and Lavelle made their getaway when Cavanagh used his command of Pushtu to tell the Afghans that the sepoy was their prisoner and the pair left him to die.

Metropolitan Railway excavation

Years later, both Cavanagh and Lavelle returned to England, whereupon Cavanagh was himself inducted into the Templar order. Shortly after, and possibly at his recommendation, he killed Lavelle under the direction of the Order itself.

Cavanagh was involved in the construction of the world's first underground railway; a cover for his attempts to unearth an Apple of Eden with which he sought to usurp the position of Grand Master from Crawford Starrick.

In 1862, after his subordinate, Marchant, alerted him that a body had been found on the construction site, Cavanagh arrived as just as Police Sergeant Frederick Abberline was beginning his investigation. As Abberline showed him the body of Robert Waugh, Cavanagh told the office that he didn't know the man, but Jayadeep Mir, who at the time was posing as a worker on the site by the name of Bharat Singh, saw that despite his talent for hiding his true feelings, Cavanagh was lying. Although the Solicitor's wife Mary Pearson requested to delay the construction due to the death, Cavanagh insisted and continued the work.

At some point after interrogating the captured Indian Assassin Ajay and discovering the true identity of Jayadeep Mir, Cavanagh went about organizing for the framing of Mir for the murder of Charles Pearson, who had unknowingly obtained the Apple of Eden that Cavanagh had been searching for throughout the tunnel excavation process.

During the official opening of the underground track and the inaugural trip along its rails, it was in fact Cavanagh who stabbed Pearson to death before removing the Apple that Pearson had been using to adorn his walking stick. Now in possession of the Apple, Cavanagh went about using its power to kill Mir and Ethan Frye, who had been observing the movements of the group and had come to investigate, when the Apple began to glow abnormally and caused the tunnel around them to collapse.

As Cavanagh followed the fleeing Frye and Mir and attempted to direct the Apple's power towards the pair, he was stabbed in the armpit by Marchant using the very knife earlier used to kill Pearson. In committing the act, Marchant revealed that his execution had been ordered by Crawford Starrick, the Grand Master of the British Rite who Cavanagh himself was planning to overthrow.



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