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AC1 Cathedral of the Holy Cross

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross was a major church and landmark located at the southern tip of the city Acre in the Kingdom of Jerusalem during the Third Crusade.

In 1191, the cathedral's left spire was missing, either due to damage sustained during that year's siege or due to construction efforts.

Behind the scenes[]

The Cathedral is meant to be Acre’s main cathedral known as the Church of the Holy Cross which was built in the quarters of the Patriarch.[1][2]

However, the church was destroyed long ago and archaeologists have discovered only its foundations therefore there is no available information on the church's appearance.[3][4] As such the in game cathedral appears to be modeled after the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres in Chartres, France.

However, this is anachronistic as the Gothic Chartres cathedral was built in 1194-1252 and the change from Romanesque to Gothic architecture was only being developed in Europe at that time with Gothic architecture being introduced to Acre in the 13th century after the setting of Assassin's Creed.[5][1]





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