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Catch Her in the Barley was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


A farmer requested the help of Kassandra with the wolves and the case of a missing midwife.


Kassandra noticed a job posted on a message board.

  • Note:
    Have you seen the midwife who cuts through the barley fields? I think she is missing - need searchers. Please to my farm for details.

She sought out the farmer and addressed her.

  • Kassandra: I picked up your message on the board. What's happening?
  • Woman: The midwife from the village usually comes for plants I grow for her pharmika, but she's very late.
  • Kassandra: Do you think something has happened to her?
  • Woman: I hope not, but she usually comes up through the barley field. I did see a wolf running throuhg there the other day...
  • Kassandra: You want me to hunt and kill this wolf, then?
  • Woman: That's exactly it. Will you do it for me?

(Accept - I'll slay the beast.)

  • Kassandra: You can count on me.
  • Woman: I owe you.
  • Kassandra: Chaire.

Kassandra left the woman to hunt down the wolf. It was large and white, but nonetheless, fell to her blade with ease. Kassandra returned to the farmer.

  • Woman: Misthios! Has the beast been slain?
  • Kassandra: The beast is dead.
  • Woman: Honest pay for honest work, misthios. Take this.
  • Kassandra: Thank you.


Kassandra helped a farmer deal with a troublesome wolf.


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