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This article is about a memory of Bayek from 47 BCE. You may be looking for Cat and Mouse, a memory of Jacob Frye or Evie Frye from 1868.
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Cat and Mouse was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A Cyrene official has been murdered in the Baths and the Mouse stands accused. Bayek must prove his friend's innocence and bring the true culprit to justice.


Bayek found Sminthos locked up in a cage on a cart.

  • Sminthos: Bayek!
  • Bayek: Mouse?
  • Sminthos: They are going to kill me!
  • Roman Soldier: Shut up, you're convicted of murder.
  • Sminthos: They have the wrong man! I's as innocent as a babe.
  • Bayek: What trap has the Mouse fallen into now?
    Hold on Mouse!
  • Roman Soldier: Stop your mouth or I'll stop it for you. Dead man walking. This murderer will be punished with the full weight of Rome. The murderer of the money lender Paulus Aurelius has been apprehended. The streets of Cyrene are safe again.

Bayek attacked the cart and carried Sminthos out of his cage.

  • Sminthos: Thank you sir Bayek! Get me out of this bloody cage! I'm hurt! They accused me of murder? Me? I value life above all...
  • Bayek: Of course you do. Don't worry you're safe now.
  • Sminthos: Thank you, Sir Bayek.

Bayek brought Sminthos to a safe location.

  • Sminthos There is a real murderer out there. He is killing my friends!
  • Bayek: Slow down and tell me what happened, Mouse.
  • Sminthos: I was at the bathhouse meeting some associates, and suddenly a legion accosted me.
  • Bayek: Didn't you plead your innocence?
  • Sminthos: They wouldn't listen! They accused me of killing Paulus Aurelius, the money lender, gutted like a pig. Red hair in his fist... not my hair. I met with him, yes, but when I left the baths he was very much alive, drinking and whoring as usual. I am many things, but not a killer.
  • Bayek: It is alright, Mouse, I believe you.
  • Sminthos: But the Romans will not believe a cripple and an Egyptian.
  • Bayek: Have faith. Stay low and wait for me at the gardens of the Temple of Zeus.

Sminthos left the area.

  • Bayek: There may still be clues to the real killer at the bathhouse. I know Sminthos is not the murderer, but I must discover who is.

Bayek travelled to the entrance of the baths, which had been closed.

  • Bayek: The Romans have closed off the baths, I should look for another way in.

Bayek travelled to the side and climbed up the walls. He found an open window and climbed into the site of the murder.

  • Bayek: So this is where he was murdered.

Bayek investigated writings on the wall.

  • Bayek: The murderer left a message. "They will all pay for their crimes." Someone is seeking justice.

He investigated a pin on a table.

  • Bayek: A pin from a dress? Could the murderer be a woman?

He investigated a necklace on a chair.

  • Bayek: A scattering of beads. Someone broke their necklace, did Paulus Aurelius struggle with a woman?

He investigated a strigil on the floor.

  • Bayek: This strigil has blood on it, could be the murder weapon.

He investigated a pile of red hair on the floor.

  • Bayek: Red hair, but it is horsehair. Maybe from a wig. That is why Sminthos was falsely accused.

He investigated a trail of blood on the ground.

  • Bayek: The body has been moved. I need to find it.

Bayek followed the trails of blood to a room, where he found the body of the money lender.

  • Bayek: The stench of death and something else, perfume? What will you tell me, Paulus Aurelius? Something is stuffed down his throat. A note.

He investigated the body and recovered a note.

  • On the Usurer Paulus Aurelius:
    He spent his life in her arms and died in mine. The hypocrisy makes me sick to my stomach. They call us infamia. We are shunned, scorned. And the men that delight themselves in us are praised for their appetites. I will cleanse Cyrene of the hedonists who used her so unjustly. I hope it brings her peace. Two pater familias remain. My next tragedy will strike down Cyrene's greatest Actor - Metrobius. With his death I do the muse Melpomene a great service.Vesta.
  • Bayek: Hmm. "I will cleanse Cyrene of the hedonists. My next tragedy will strike down Cyrene's greatest Actor - Metrobius." And it is signed. Vesta? Vesta, Vesta... what is your problem with pleasure seekers? I need to find this actor before this murderer strikes again! Phanos would be appalled if an actor were to die.

Bayek left the bathhouse and travelled to the Cyrene Theatre. He found a body and a lion at the platform.

  • Bayek: I need to get rid of that lion before I can confirm my suspicions. But I think that is Vesta's second victim.

Bayek eliminated the lion and approached the body.

  • Bayek: Metrobius, the murderer's second victim, there's not much left of him.

He investigated a note on the body.

  • On the Pickled Ham Metrobius:
    Cyrene's self-proclaimed "greatest actor" Metrobius took his final bow and critics throughout the region sighed in relief. However, he was not the one of my blood. The Romans, stupid fools they arrested that merchant, the Mouse! All will know they are my deeds. Only the Whorer remains. My father. It is fitting the one who started my life will end it all. The Wolf's Den is where the final scene is set. Then will she give me peace? Vesta.
  • Bayek: Another note. "Metrobius took his final bow. Only the Whorer remains and he will die at the Wolf's den." This Vesta has a flair for the dramatic. The whorer's wolf's den must be the local brothel.

Bayek made his way to the brothel.

  • Bayek: My instincts were right, Vesta's a prostitute. But she is looking for her father, I only hope I find him before she does.

Bayek arrived at the courtyard and found a body.

  • Bayek: I'm too late!

Bayek investigated the body.

  • Bayek: Another note, this must be the whorer. "Father you die. You will be quiet now mother?" By the gods, this Vesta is insane.
  • On my father the Whorer Akakios:
    Akakios would not believe me when I told him who I was. His whore's child. His child. He laughed, called me androgynous, son of the goddess of love and her messenger. He would not embrace me, so Thanatos held him until he struggled no more. And still she screams in whispers. I hear her every waking hour, every sleeping moment. I can not live with this shame. I will not. Vesta
  • Vesta: That's it mother, it's all finished and I will join you and father soon. I cannot stop and I will not live without her.

Bayek confronted Vesta in the brothel.

  • Bayek: Why did you kill them all? I have tasted darkness too, but you are mad.
  • Vesta: You cannot understand what it is to be born into flames. To be born a piece of dust. I am ash.

Bayek defeated and killed Vesta. He recovered a note from his body.

  • On Vesta's Son Oidipous:
    I am the child of a meretrix, shunned, forgotten. They say Rome was founded on a Lupa's milk but the men who used my mother, the money lender, the ham, the whorer, they abandoned me. Only you love me, but when the gods took you from me they left with nothing. Oh, Vesta my mother. I feel your soul within me, your voice in my head. I feel your soul within me, your voice is in my head, crying for justice. I have taken it for you. Now must that same judgement be passed upon me, your poor body. Perhaps then, at last your voice will be quietened.
  • Bayek: Hmm, woah. Vesta was not a prostitute but the forgotten son of one. I hope the Duat figures you out. I should return to Sminthos.

Bayek returned to Sminthos near the Temple of Zeus.

  • Sminthos: Bayek! Did you find the killer?
  • Bayek: Yes. The son of a prostitute. When his mother died, terrible grief overtook him. He believed her ka would not let him rest until he found his father.
  • Sminthos: He's dead?
  • Bayek: I am sorry, Mouse. He could not be reasoned with. I have his letters, the story they tell is a tragic one.
  • Sminthos: Poor boy, such madness.
  • Bayek: What will you do? Won't the Romans be searching for you?
  • Sminthos: I have a plan, a new life in Apollonia. Where you can taste the sea it is so close. Find me there if you can, Sir Bayek?
  • Bayek: Good luck, Mouse.


Bayek followed the three murders and killed the murderer, Oidipous.


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