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This article is about a memory of Jacob or Evie Frye from 1868. You may be looking for Cat and Mouse, a memory of Bayek from 47 BCE.

Cat and Mouse was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob and Evie encountered the German philosopher Karl Marx, who requested their help.


  • Policeman 1: For the last time, move on, or else!
  • Marx: You cannot frighten me! I insist on being heard!
  • Policeman 1: Has a crime been committed, sir?
  • Marx: Indeed! A crime against humanity! I demand you live up to your responsibilities!
  • Policeman 1: You're a fine one to talk about responsibility. You look like a bloody tramp!
    Listen to me! I have been ordered to keep your rallies off the street.
  • Marx: No, you must listen to me! The people in this city are in dire need of your assistance!
ACS Cat and Mouse 2

Evie and Jacob talking with Marx

The policeman departed, having tired of the conversation. Marx then spotted Jacob and Evie walking past.

  • Marx: Ah, you are Jacob Frye, are you not? And Miss Frye?
  • Evie: We are at a disadvantage, sir...?
  • Marx: Karl Marx. Much like you, I am an activist of sorts.
  • Jacob: You've got the look of a man who wants something.
  • Marx: Indeed, you've done more for London's citizens lately than any endeavor has accomplished in a decade. But those citizens were already well provided for. I challenge you both to help those who REALLY need your assistance. The working people.
  • Evie: An interesting challenge. We accept.
  • Jacob: Shouldn't we at least talk about these things fir... sod it, we accept.

With that, Karl Marx went on his way, with either Jacob or Evie following.

  • Marx: I am organizing a discreet meeting with some like-minded friends to discuss trades unions. Alas, the police seem to have noticed my activities. They've stuck to me like flies on Scheiße (shit). In any case, I need you to help me get to the meeting without the interference of the police.
    You see, there's one of their damned spies now.
ACS Cat and Mouse 3

Jacob spotting a spy

Jacob or Evie took out the spies, allowing Marx to meet his contact.

  • Marx: Tonight. Sundown. The usual place.
  • Man 1: I'll be there.

Marx then left to find another of his allies.

  • Marx: You know, I had similar problems with the police in Paris. Well, Paris and Brussels. And also perhaps Cologne.
    Our next worthy ally awaits in a nearby pub! Onwards! No doubt the police already have agents stationed within. I'll wait here until the coast is clear.

Jacob or Evie lured the spy out of the pub by creating a fight between members of the Rooks and the Blighters. They then assassinated him, giving Marx the opportunity to enter the pub and speak to his contact.

  • Marx: The usual location. One hour.
  • Man 2: Right you are, Mr. Marx, sir.

Marx then left the pub, with Jacob or Evie in tow.

  • Marx: I believe our work here is complete. Come, let's slip away and get to the meeting. I do appreciate your assistance in this matter. Only when workers are able to assemble freely and in strength will we be able to achieve the reforms we most assuredly deserve. Might I trouble you to stay nearby until the meeting is over? I fear we may yet meet with some mischief.

They then overheard a man talking with the police.

  • Simon: I told you, Marx will be here! Heard it from the man's own lips! Now about my payment.
  • Policeman 2: You'll get your thirty pieces, chum, don't you worry.
  • Marx: It seems the movement is ever doomed to be betrayed from within. Will you fetch the gentleman back here? I would look him in the eye and ask why he went back on his brethren.

Jacob or Evie kidnapped Simon.

  • Simon: Are you mad?
    You're making a big mistake!

They escorted Simon to Marx.

ACS Cat and Mouse 4

Marx confronting Simon

  • Marx: Simon. My friend. What possessed you to do this thing? Has the Party not taken care of you?
  • Simon: The guv'nor at the mill say any man what joins a Union, he'll be put out of work come sunup. How long will the Party feed my family for?
  • Marx: If we do not stand together, we are lost. My heart is broken, Simon. Please go.

Marx then addressed Jacob or Evie.

  • Marx: I thank you, my friend. I hope you will continue to aid the struggle when the opportunity presents itself.


With the help of one of the Frye twins, Marx was able to contact his allies regarding a future meeting and confront Simon, a man who had told on Marx to the police.


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