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Cat's Cradle was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek discovers a group of protesting Alexandrians upset over the apparent murder of a cat. Bayek investigates, knowing instinctively this has something to do with the Roman occupation causing tension in the city.


While in Alexandria, Bayek came upon the sight of a dead cat in the streets, with various Alexandrians investigating.

  • Woman: This blasphemy will not stand!
  • Man 1: Where is the coward that did this?
  • Woman: Great cat goddess Bastet save us. Do not take vengeance!
  • Man 1: I will not rest until we find this fiend.
  • Man 2: Though I guess we can be thankful he was not crucified. Bloody Romans, they do not understand our ways.

Bayek investigated the dead cat and the pool of blood.

  • Bayek: There is no way all this blood is from one cat.
    I still do not know what happened here. I should investigate further.

He investigated the nearby cart of hay, which was covered in blood. He drew out a body of a Roman soldier.

  • Bayek: A Roman soldier, dead. Only one wound. He bled out quick.
    Nek. The cat was attacked by the Roman soldier. Whoever did this was protecting them.

He investigated bloodied footprints on the ground.

  • Bayek: Bloody footprints leading to the north. The trail goes to the north. I must follow it. These Egyptians are already looking to fight. I must find whoever did this.

Bayek followed the trail and reached an alley.

  • Bayek: The blood trail ends here. The culprit must be close.

Bayek climbed over a fence and found an Egyptian man with an injured cat.

  • Bayek: I see your cat is injured.
  • Khalid: It is not mine. Cats belong only to Bastet. I am only her instrument, defending her from Roman scum.
  • Bayek: You took the life of a Roman because he killed cats, and now you risk a riot in Alexandria.
  • Khalid: Bastet swung her fury through my arm. I am her servant!
  • Bayek: I know a High Priestess who would love your... dedication. It would be best for you to serve Bastet at her temple in Bubastis.
  • Khalid: I have served Bastet my entire life. To serve her better would be an honor. Lead on, brother.
  • Bayek: We should keep our voices down. We don't need any untoward attention.
  • Khalid: I know the way! Let us fly. It will get me closer to the goddess faster.

Bayek and Khalid made their way towards the west gate, with some cats following them.

  • Khalid: Roman soldiers, terrified of our tiny little kittens.
  • Bayek: Is there no end to your speech?

They reached a bridge, blocked by a group of Roman soldiers.

  • Khalid: Egyptians! Rise up! Retake the city in the name of Bastet!
  • Bayek: Serapis save me.

Khalid provoked the soldiers.

  • Khalid: Look at these girdle-wearers! It is like they think they are soldiers.
  • Bayek: Enough! We're almost through.

The soldiers attacked Bayek and Khalid.

  • Roman Soldier: You want to see what a sword can do to you, scum? More than happy to demonstrate!

Bayek and Khalid killed the Roman soldiers.

  • Khalid: Right, let us go.

They continued their journey to the gate. As they reached the area, they found a group of Roman soldiers waiting there.

  • Khalid: Roman cat-kickers! How would you feel if I kicked your gods!?
  • Bayek: Stay quiet!
  • Roman soldier: What was that, dog?

The soldiers attacked Bayek and Khalid, who swiftly eliminated them. Bayek and Khalid went out of the gate.

  • Bayek: Go to the temple of Bastet. Only, I beg you, not to mention my name to the priestess.
  • Khalid: I could, Medjay... But think of how a return to Alexandria might be served by the great warrior Khalid!
  • Bayek: I believe this is what the gods want you for.
  • Khalid: If the gods will it, it will be done. Safe travels, Medjay. May Bastet watch over you.

Bayek watches Khalid leave.

  • Bayek: Keep going...Keep going. Gods watch over fools.


Bayek helped to escort Khalid out of Alexandria for his safety, directing him to serve Bastet in Bubastis.


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