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Castello Crasher was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.01.


After meeting with the Assassins at the Tiber Island headquarters, Ezio Auditore decided to break into the Castel Sant'Angelo, in an attempt to assassinate Cesare and Rodrigo Borgia.


Lucrezia Borgia and Caterina Sforza exited from a carriage at the edge of the Ponte Sant'Angelo. With guards present, Lucrezia addressed the public.

CCrasher 1

Lucrezia introducing the "she-whore of Forlì"

  • Lucrezia: Salve cittadini di Roma! (Hail citizens of Rome!) Behold a sight most splendid! Caterina Sforza, she-whore of Forlì—has at last been brought to heel!
  • Caterina: Ha! No one kneels as low as Lucrezia Borgia! Who put you up to this? Was it your brother or your father? Perhaps a bit of both? Perhaps at the same time!

Lucrezia harshly slapped Caterina across the face.

  • Lucrezia: Chiudi la bocca! (Shut your mouth!) None speak ill of the Borgia!

Lucrezia turned back to the crowd.

  • Lucrezia: The same will happen to any who defy us!
  • Caterina: Good people of Roma, stay strong! You will be free, your time will come, I swear it!

Caterina was taken away, and Ezio and Niccolò Machiavelli were seen standing close together.

  • Ezio: They are going to torture her.
  • Machiavelli: You are here for Cesare and Rodrigo.
  • Ezio: Caterina is a powerful ally, if we help her now while she is weak, she will aid us in return.
  • Machiavelli: Perhaps. But kill Cesare and Rodrigo first.

Ezio crossed the Tiber river and entered the Castel grounds via the Papal Guards' training square. He overheard a conversation between Cesare, Octavian de Valois, Juan Borgia the Elder and Micheletto Corella.

  • Cesare: Forget the Pope, you answer only to me. Roma is the pillar that holds our entire enterprise aloft. She cannot waver. Which means neither can you.
  • Octavian: What of il Vaticano (The Vatican)?
CCrasher 4

Cesare speaking with his allies

  • Cesare: That tired old men's club? Play along for now, but soon we will have no need of them.
  • Juan: He's left us Roma.
  • Micheletto: She'll be in good hands.

Ezio scaled the inner walls of the Castel and stopped to listen at a window. Inside, Cesare met with Lucrezia.

  • Lucrezia: Cesare.
  • Cesare: Lucrezia.

The pair kissed intimately.

  • Cesare: I hope you have treated our guest with kindness.
  • Lucrezia: That mouth on her... How I'd love to sew it shut.
  • Cesare: I rather like it open, myself.
  • Lucrezia: Oh?
  • Cesare: Have you talked to the Pope about the funds requested by my banker?
  • Lucrezia: He is away from the Castello, and he might need some convincing when he returns.
  • Cesare: That shouldn't be a problem, should it?
CCrasher 5

Cesare and Lucrezia kissing

  • Lucrezia: No. Only... it gets quite lonely here. You and I spend so little time together these days, busy as you are with your OTHER conquests.
  • Cesare: Soon, once I have secured the throne of Italia, you are going to be my queen, and your loneliness will be a thing of the past.
  • Lucrezia: I cannot wait.
  • Cesare: Behave yourself while I am gone.

Cesare left, and Ezio turned to look towards the gate of the Castel Sant'Angelo.

  • Guard: Open the gate! The Captain General is leaving for Urbino! Buona fortuna, (Good fortune) Padron Cesare!
  • Ezio: Machiavelli is going to be very disappointed.

After Cesare left the Castello, Ezio continued to scale the walls and eventually reached a cell window, through which he saw Caterina. Lucrezia then stormed into the prison.

CCrasher 8

Lucrezia injuring Caterina

  • Lucrezia: Open her cell!

Lucrezia grabbed a metal rod.

  • Lucrezia: How was the journey to Roma? Did you sit in Cesare's private carriage?
  • Caterina: You're pathetic, Lucrezia.

Lucrezia pushed Caterina down.

  • Lucrezia: What did he talk about? His plans for Napoli? Did you like it?
  • Caterina: I can't remember.
  • Lucrezia: Perhaps you will remember this.

Lucrezia struck Caterina with the metal rod, making her cry out in pain.

  • Lucrezia: That put you in your place.

Lucrezia left the cell and turned to one of the prison guards.

  • Lucrezia: Lock it and give me the key.

Ezio made his way into the Castello and approached Caterina's cell. As he did, Caterina distracted the guards.

  • Caterina: Oh. My back. Please, can you reach this water jug for me? I cannot get it myself.
  • Guard 1: Anything else I can reach, Princess?
  • Guard 2: Why not move closer to us, Principessa (Princess)? We will help you.
  • Caterina: No. You must come closer. You boys are being so good to me.

One of the guards handed Caterina the water jug.

  • Caterina: Thanks.

Ezio assassinated both of the guards.


As Rodrigo and Cesare were absent from the Castel Sant'Angelo, Ezio changed his plan to rescuing Caterina instead. From there, Ezio infiltrated the prison and killed the guards, allowing him to speak with Caterina.




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