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AC4 Desmond Autopsy 2

Fisher and his team discovering Desmond's body

Case Fisher is an agent employed by Abstergo Industries as the head of Sample Recovery Unit 3, a team of specialized technicians who located and examined the body of Desmond Miles only hours after his death within the Grand Temple.


In the early hours of 21 December 2012, under Fisher's direction, Sample Recovery Unit 3 performed an autopsy on Desmond's body, determining the time of death to be 12:07 that morning, and the likely cause of death to be "spontaneous burn trauma". He noted that besides Desmond's scorched right arm, the rest of his body was in perfect condition. After examination, Fisher selected his finest agents to retrieve fluid samples and to extract Desmond's vital organs. These were analyzed and genetically decoded, and submitted as material to be used in Abstergo Entertainment's Sample 17 Project. Additionally, Desmond's memories were uploaded into the Abstergo Cloud server.[1]

Fisher personally examined Desmond's backpack, removing and bagging items of interest that would be analyzed by Abstergo later. These items included Desmond's phone, notebook, and airline tickets. Desmond's Hidden Blade, however, was left behind by the analysts.[1]

The following day, Fisher submitted an audio/visual report of his findings to Abstergo, noting that thanks to the work of his team, Desmond's legacy as Subject 17 would live on as "Sample 17". This video would later be discovered by an Abstergo Entertainment research analyst and passed on to the Assassins, notably Desmond's father, William.[1]

Later on, Layla Hassan of the Historical Research Division hacked into Abstergo's system and was able to obtain a number of Fisher's files on Desmond.[2]



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