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The Carroll family was a wealthy British family and prominent members of the Templar Order.


The Carrolls had traditionally been members of the British Rite of the Templar Order for many years, but also had connections with the French Rite, namely the De la Serre family; they were known as a stanchly conservative family that despised any sort of change. [1]

In 1774, Peter Carroll went with his wife and daughter to the de la Serre estate in Versailles to discuss Templar business. While Peter remained in conference with Grand Master François de la Serre, Mrs. Carroll and May Carroll took a stroll through the gardens with Julie and Élise de la Serre. While Julie and Mrs. Carroll debated on the necessity of reform changes, May took every opportunity to belittle and taunt Élise over her age and not having been told of her Templar heritage.[1]

A decade later, Élise arrived at the Carroll's house in London to request their help in locating a man who had attempted to murder Julie in 1776. Unaware of the fact that it was the Carrolls who had been behind the attempt, Élise agreed to retrieve letters written by Colonial Templar Haytham Kenway from his sister, Jennifer Scott, in exchange for the Carroll's help in locating the assassin. [1]

Posing as Yvonne Albertine, Élise was horrified to learn from Jennifer that the real Albertines had been murdered by the Carrolls to prevent complications. Jennifer agreed to give her the letters on the condition that she use them in an attempt to end the Assassin-Templar War, which Élise agreed to. [1]

Not trusting the Carrolls, Élise presented them with what they thought were the letters, which were immediately consigned to the nearby fireplace. The Carrolls revealed that they believed Haytham's ideas to be heretical and treasonous, as well as their intent to murder Élise. Élise managed to get the jump on them, however, and ran May Carroll through the back of the head before she and her colleagues made an escape attempt; during the escape, Mrs. Carroll attempted to shoot them, only to have the pistol blow up in her hand. [1]

Incensed at this, the Carrolls used their influence to slander and alienate Elise from the rest of the Order, as well as spitefully ordering the deaths of Frederick Weatherall, Hélène, and her.[1]



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