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Carpe Diem was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek discovers that the Romans, led by their Captain Brutus Severus, have been meting out a cruel and torturous punishment to anyone that opposes them.


(Note: There are two alternative ways to receive this quest. The first has Bayek run into an old friend from Siwa on the road who tells him about what happened to Apate. The second has Bayek find a papyrus from Brutus Severus.)

While in the Kyrenaika Roman Citadel, Bayek came across a papyrus in a room.

  • Report from Brutus Severus:
    Legatus Agrippa
    We gave the people civilization, law, peace and this is how they repay us? With petty raids and whining about a free Kyrenaika? I almost admire these freedom fighters and their delusion that they can stand against the greatness of the Roman Army. They will learn the hard way. I've scheduled their leader Apate for crucifixion as you requested. All will see her corpse on the road to Cyrene and know we do not tolerate traitors.
    Your faithful servant Centurion Brutus Severus
  • Bayek: No! Apate of Siwa? Her and Khemu would hunt together in the scrubland.

Bayek left the citadel and made his way to the cruxifixion site on the road to Cyrene.

  • Bayek: This is the crucifixion site, Apate must be here somewhere.

He found Apate bound and prepared to be cruxified.

  • Roman Soldier 1: This is what happens to filthy rats who betray the Republic!
  • Apate: Murder me, I don't care, but you stand no chance against Egypt.
  • Roman Soldier 2: Stealing silphium is a serious crime, punishable by death.
  • Apate: Silphion should help the people, not fat patricians in Rome.
  • Roman Soldier 1: I should cut your tongue out, that'll keep you quiet.
  • Roman Soldier 2: Be thankful Brutus Severus hasn't taken you back to the fort for his amusement.
  • Apate: Tell Severus from me, he's the legion's best cocksucker. All the guards say so. We will not bow before you, neket iadets. Not in Egypt and not in Cyrenaica.
  • Roman Soldier 2: You'll scream when we hammer the nails in. They all do.
  • Apate: Death before defeat!
  • Roman Soldier 1: The fight will desert you after two days on the cross. You'll be begging us to kill you.
    Apate, if your people don't end their rampage, we'll decimate them.
  • Apate: For each of us you kill, there will be a hero in the Duat.
  • Roman Soldier 1: Vox populi my arse! You're just a few Siwan troublemakers.

Bayek killed the Roman soldiers.

  • Apate: Bayek of Siwa? Can that be you?

He freed Apate.

  • Apate: Bayek? Saved by my childhood hero, incredible, it has been so long.
  • Bayek: Let's get free of this barbaric place first.
  • Apate: Those neket iadets will send reinforcements. We shouldn't linger here, Bayek.

Apate and Bayek left the site and headed to the top of a hill.

  • Bayek: I feared it was you, Apate.
  • Apate: I could not stand by as the Roman contagion spread. You heard what they did in Siwa, Bayek?
  • Bayek: I saw it. You attacked the fort?
  • Apate: Yes. The captain of the Prasinos camp, Severus, is a psychotic butcher. Everyday finding new, sick ways to inflict suffering on our people. Then at night he goes who knows where to plot and plan. While Severus lives the rebellion is nothing but sound and fury.
  • Bayek: It was your strength and spirit that Khemu loved the most.
  • Apate: My days were filled with freedom then. Your boy and I hunted, laughed, lived. That is all I want for my children.
  • Bayek: Then I will kill the torturer, Apate.
  • Apate: Look him in the eyes and make him understand that he's a shit eater. I will gather my friends. If you attack the outpost, we'll join you.

Bayek reached the fort and attacked the soldiers. Apate and her allies joined the attack as well.

  • Apate: That butcher Severus must not live!
    Fortune favors the brave!
  • Bayek: The Legion is losing its greatest neket iadet, Severus.

Within, Bayek found Brutus Severus and assassinated him. He recovered a note from his body.

  • Ave, Severus:
    Ave, Severus
    These freedom fighters are just farmers and women. They have raided a few of our caravans, stolen some paltry supplies, but they are a stone in Roma's sandal, nothing more. You will break them with some of our more creative torture methods. I have heard of one technique, rats in cauldrons, heated till they burrow through the victims stomach in their frenzy to escape. The screams are enough to unseat Jupiter. However, the best punishment save their leader, Apate. Crucifixion, a slow, traitor's death.
    General Agrippa


Bayek rescued Apate from her death and helped her attack the Roman Fort, killing Brutus Severus in the process.


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