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Caroline Grey is a security analyst with Abstergo Industries formerly under Alan Rikkin.


Abstergo WikiLeaks incident[]

On 28 November 2010, Alan Rikkin emailed Caroline stating that due to a recent governmental breach to WikiLeaks caused by an informant he wanted her to make sure Abstergo's internal network was secure, giving her eight hours to do so.[1] In an almost immediate response, Grey stated that all were secure, although there was an attempt by a Erudito, it was repelled quickly. Trying to make further conversation, Grey was quickly shut down and chastised by the CEO for asking unnecessary questions.[2]

On 9 December, Rikkin emailed her again stating that several of the names of staff involved with confidential programs in several of Abstergo's off-record divisions, as well as the company's links to dangerous experiments had been leaked to WikiLeaks by a user calling themselves "Guy Fawkes". He demanded she look into the breach and find the identity of the author, also erroneously linking Guy Fawkes to the French Revolution.[3] Identifying GuyFawkes as the junior professor, Shaun Hastings, Grey corrected Rikkins error on Fawkes and was reprimanded for it.[4]

The following day, through James Morse, she booked a conference room for a three hour session for Rikkin and the now captured Shaun Hastings.[4] During Hastings transfer however, he escaped through unknown means.[5] When Grey reported this, a furious Rikkin demanded she report to S. immediately. She later let Morse know to cancel Rikkin's appointment.[6]

Submitting a Notice of Acquisition[]

On 13 April 2011, Grey still employed as a security analyst, sent a Notice of Acquisition to Rikkin. Having completed a security review, she believed that the key leadership at Abstergo Industries would be cooperative in achieving the objectives of acquiring a controlling interest. She acknowledged the need for additional planning to integrate the existing team. The on-site team sought guidance on implementing human resource procedures, and stated that Jake posed several questions during the discussion.[7]