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Carlotta Moro was the ex-wife of Dante Moro and widow of Doge Marco Barbarigo.


At some point in her life, Carlotta married the Captain of the Venetian Guard, Dante Moro, the son of Cristoforo Moro, Doge of Venice. Over time, Marco Barbarigo, a nobleman and future Doge took interest in Carlotta and desired her for himself.

Eventually, Marco ordered some henchmen to kill Dante, so that he could marry Carlotta in his place. Ultimately, Dante survived, but he was left severely brain-damaged, becoming like a child, which was something Marco quickly took advantage of. He coerced Dante into signing a contract that annulled his and Carlotta's marriage, with her being present. Marco then went on to marry Carlotta and hire Dante as his bodyguard, since Dante had lost his position as Captain of the Venetian Guard. Carlotta then remained married to Marco after he became Doge of Venice in 1485.

Eventually, on 15 February 1486, Marco was assassinated by Ezio Auditore da Firenze, much to Carlotta's happiness. After Dante was re-hired as a bodyguard by Marco's cousin, Silvio, Carlotta wrote her ex-husband a letter showing that her love for him had never diminished, and in it expressed a strong desire to re-marry him and restore his mental state. Dante received the letter and kept it with him, though there was no evidence that the words had any effect on him.[1]

However, later in the same year Ezio also assassinated Silvio, and Dante, being Silvio's bodyguard, was a consequential casualty of Silvio's assassination. Carlotta's letter fell into Ezio's hands, and he decided to ask Teodora if she knew anything about Dante's history, and if she could send the letter back to Carlotta with the news of Dante's passing.[2]

Carlotta's letter[]

My love,

I wonder if ever the day will come when these words might make sense to you once more. I am sorry for what I've done – for what you and I have both become. Though we could not be together, just knowing you were near was enough. And now, with Marco dead, I may yet find a way for us to be joined again.

But do you even remember me? Or were the wounds too grave? Do my words stir– if not your memory, then your heart? It doesn't matter what they say– I know you're still in there, somewhere.

I will find a way, my love. To remind you. To restore you...

Love always,



  • In Assassin's Creed: Renaissance, Carlotta's name was given as Gloria.
  • Also in the novel, Dante told Ezio about the Templars' plans, as he did in the game, but added that he hoped doing so would "redeem [his] soul." This could mean that Dante had remembered, in some measure, what had happened to him and Carlotta.
  • Although Marco Barbarigo is shown in game to take Carlotta as his wife, historically his dogaressa was Lucia Ruzzini.