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"Please, please, have mercy. I'll trouble you no further. I'll give up ale and ragwater. I'll mutton-monger no more. I'll go to church! Please, leave me now to my sad, monkish end."
―Dominguez groveling before Aveline, 1768.[src]

Carlos Dominguez (1730s – 1803) was a Spanish ship captain who was active in New Orleans during the late 18th century.

Hired by the Templar Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer, Dominguez transported goods in and out of the city, earning him a small fortune from his employers. He was often drunk as a result of spending the money earned on alcohol.

In 2012, his genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar by the entertainment branch of the Templar company Abstergo Industries, as part of their geosimulation workspace on the portable version of the Animus console, under the title of the Captain.


Early life[]

Born in Spain in the 1730s, Dominguez grew up in a family of modest means. Becoming a sailor at the first opportunity, he worked hard and soon came to captain his own ship. However, Dominguez's opportunism led him to accept work from anybody willing to pay, with most of the earnings being spent on frequenting taverns.[1]

Serving the Templars[]

"He pays for transport to and from New Orleans. That's all I do– transport the things and get paid."
―Dominguez explaining his dealings with de Ferrer, 1768.[src]

At some point, Dominguez was employed by Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer, a Templar, to transport goods to and from the city of New Orleans. In early 1765, he began redirecting shipments meant for Gilbert-Antoine de Saint Maxent, causing the de Grandpré shipping business to suffer. In response, the de Grandpré family decided to set up an investigation into the matter, with Dominguez and his crew being seen as suspects.[2]

On the 29th of January, Dominguez was met by the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré, who had come to find out more information about the missing shipments. Although charmed by her good looks and noble appearance, he assured her the cargo was sent to the "intended recipient", following which he began pouring her a drink in an effort to woo her. However, by the time Dominguez was ready, Aveline had already left the ship, having stolen paperwork that detailed the goods' location.[2]

Despite this minor setback, Dominguez continued the job he had been given by de Ferrer. In 1768, he was tracked down by Aveline, who had discovered his connection to the Templar and desired to uncover his plans for New Orleans. However, de Ferrer's secrecy and Dominguez's drunken state prevented her from finding out much new information, following which she swiftly departed, leaving the inebriated captain by himself.[2]

Getting Ulloa's Attention 3

Dominguez recognizing Aveline

The two would meet again that same year, when Aveline boarded Dominguez's ship and intended to destroy it, hoping that it would lure governor Antonio de Ulloa out of La Balize. The captain attempted to sneak up on the Assassin while she was preparing the explosives, but grew frightened upon recognizing her, sending his guards after her instead.[2]

After witnessing Aveline defeat his soldiers, Dominguez immediately pleaded for mercy, claiming he would change his ways. She harshly reprimanded him, but chose to leave him to his own devices; both would subsequently make it off the ship before it was destroyed by Aveline's explosives. With his vessel ruined, Dominguez's position as servant to the Templar Order came to an end.[2]

Working for Aveline[]

Aveline: "I have retrieved the man's ship. You may use it now."
Dominguez: "Oh! Thank you! Thank you!"
Aveline: "Now you are in my protection. You will repay this kindness by working for me."
—Dominguez being recruited by Aveline, 1768.[src]
Mistress and Commander 1

Dominguez and Aveline at the docks

Later that year, Dominguez and Aveline met at the docks, with the former captain angrily blaming her for all the misfortune in his life. After some prompting, he revealed that he had loaned a trader money, with the man then becoming rich, but refusing to pay back the sum he still owed Dominguez. Aveline offered to take care of the problem, though she stipulated he would have to make himself useful in return.[2]

Becoming the owner of a new ship with Aveline's help, Dominguez subsequently began working for the Assassin, reforming under her supervision. He eventually began telling tales of Aveline's climbing skills, leading her to be challenged to a race a few years later.[2] Dominguez would remain productive until 1803, when he was reported missing at sea.[1]


  • Carlos is a Spanish variant of the name Charles, itself derived from a Common Germanic noun meaning "free man". Dominguez is a patronymic form of the male given name Domingo, the origin of which is either the Latin Dominicus, "belonging to the Lord", dominus, "lord, master", or dies dominica, "day of the Lord".
  • During the "At the Pub" memory, Dominguez can be heard singing a few lines from "Spanish Ladies", though he substitutes "fair Spanish ladies" with "best Paris ladies", possibly due to inebriation. Said song also appears in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag as a sea shanty.
  • Like other individuals appearing in Abstergo Entertainment's Liberation product, Dominguez's database entry was edited to omit any reference to the Templars, and also covered up his less exemplary qualities.
  • In the internal files of Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, he is named "Diego Domingues".




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