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AC3 Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea is a sea that is part of the Atlantic Ocean, which is bordered by the Caribbean islands, Central America and South America. The term "Caribbean" comes from the indigenous Carib people, who lived on the islands before the Age of Discovery.[1]


The European Empires relied on the Caribbean islands for crops, such as sugar and coffee beans, which were in high demand.[1] During the 1710s, during the Golden Age of Piracy, trade ships on the Caribbean Sea became a target for pirates, like Edward Kenway, Benjamin Hornigold, Edward Thatch and Charles Vane.[2]

Edward Kenway's grandson, the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, sailed this sea several times while acting as the captain of the Aquila during the 1770s.[3] Throughout the American Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress came to realize that by targeting ships on the Caribbean Sea and disrupting trade, it would give more reason for the British to consider the war an unnecessary financial strain and to subsequently surrender.[1]



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