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The Caretaker was a Messaran man living in a house near Phaistos Village during the 5th century BCE.


When the adventurer Nikios entered the labyrinth in search of treasures with others, including Swordfish and the Collector, the caretaker remained outside, looking after Nikios' son Ardos. As the others fled the labyrinth, and Nikios remained behind as a victim of the Minotaur, the caretaker took Ardos under his wing. Like the others, the caretaker refused to discuss the incident beneath the Knossos Palace with Ardos.[1]

Years later, Ardos left him, taking with him the disk the caretaker had also looked after. Some time after that, the old man was caught by the Cult of Kosmos and taken to be tortured at their camp at the Phaistos Theater. In his stead, the Cult ordered another man to watch Ardos' house and pretend to be the caretaker,[2] sending Ardos a message telling to meet him at the house.[1]

Instead of Ardos, the Spartan misthios Kassandra came, and ended up rescuing Ardos' caretaker.[2]




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