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"Back then, though, Juno was part of something called the Capitoline Triad alongside fellow precursors Jupiter and Minerva. They were scientists of sorts, working together to try and stop a massive solar flare from destroying the planet."
Shaun Hastings' database entry on Juno, 2015.[src]
Trio 1

Left to right: Juno, Minerva, and Jupiter

The Capitoline Triad was a collection of three Isu scientists - Juno, Jupiter, and Minerva - who had dedicated themselves to investigating and preventing their civilization's destruction at the hands of an impending solar flare.[1]


The three scientists, along with Juno's husband, Aita, sealed themselves within the Grand Temple for years,[2] in order to come up with a number of possible solutions, though ultimately none proved feasible for wide-scale use. Eventually the three began to diverge on how far they were willing to go, ethically, in order to save their people.[3]

It was during Minerva's investigations of a seventh solution, "the Eye" - a device capable of manipulating the underlying calculations of existence - that she learned of Juno's plans to manipulate the device in order to not only save the world, but take complete control of it. Minerva reasoned that it would be better to let the world burn, than let Juno loose upon it, and so destroyed the device. Juno was imprisoned within the inner chambers of the Grand Temple.[3]

The legacy of the Capitoline Triad survived through the religious beliefs of their human creations, with the three becoming the central figures in a number of pre-Abrahamic, "pagan", religions. In Rome, a city that rested atop no fewer than three Isu Vaults, the Capitoline Hill was so named after the Temple of Juno, and the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, which were both built upon it.[4]



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