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The Canadian Rite of the Templar Order is the branch of the Templar Order that operates in Canada.


American Revolution

During the American Revolutionary War, the Templars operated in Quebec and Montreal. However, their activities were investigated by the Canadian Assassins as well as the Colonial Assassins sent by Ratonhnhaké:ton. Upon discovering that Templar agents had seized the port of Montreal, the Assassins made sure that the designers of the Templar plans were dealt with.[1]

Post-American Revolution

Rule over Lower Canada

During the early 19th century, the Templars had integrated themselves into the Château Clique, a group of wealthy families in Lower Canada, and attempted to eradicate French culture. At the time, they were the leading faction of the Templar Order.[2]

In 1832, the journalist Ludger Duvernay, financed by his brother Assassins, posted several articles accusing the Canadian administration of serving the Château Clique, hoping to expose the government's connections to the Templars.[2]

A few weeks later, the Clique had Duvernay arrested and imprisoned on charges of spreading false information, and even rallied the public against him. However, the Assassins quickly freed Duvernay from jail. After his release, Duvernay founded the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society, hoping to spiritually unify Quebec and gain independence from Canada.[2]

On 24 June 1834, the Templars sent an agent to Duvernay's soirée. The Templar agent infiltrated the party posing as a violist and subsequently killed one of Duvernay's allies, only to be knocked out by Larose, one of Duvernay's associates.[3]

Modern times

Founding of Abstergo Entertainment

In 2010, Abstergo Industries, the primary public front of the modern-day Templar Order, founded a subsidiary company, Abstergo Entertainment, in Montreal, which was tasked with producing multimedia consumer goods. Through its initial basis, it enabled the company to influence the general public through pre-packaged genetic memories and wide, social gaming constructs.[4]

Raid in Whistler

On 12 September 2012, Daniel Cross lead a team of Templar agents during the attack of an Assassin cell in Whistler. At the same time as the Assassin Janice requested reinforcements from Gavin Banks, the Templars launched their attack on the Assassins' hideout, killing an Assassin outside the safehouse. However, Janice was killed when she headed to investigate after having heard a scream. Despite this, at least one of the Assassins survived.[5]

Search for the Observatory

By 2013, Olivier Garneau, the Chief Creative Officer, was the only person at Abstergo Entertainment that was aware of Abstergo Industries being a front for the Templars.[6] That year, Olivier oversaw the Sample 17 Project, an Abstergo initiative aiming to explore the genetic memory of the ancestors of the late Desmond Miles, formerly Subject 17 of the Animus Project.[4]

On 14 October,[7] Olivier was contacted by Abstergo Industries administrator Laetitia England to give a report of their progress in locating the Observatory through the research analyst's exploration of Edward Kenway's memories, promising to work harder despite low funding and a lack of solid leads. Some time later, he communicated with project lead Melanie Lemay about the importance of meeting Laetitia's demands.[4]

Shortly thereafter, Olivier left for a shareholder's meeting in Chicago, but never arrived. Concurrently, a hacker inside Abstergo Entertainment compromised various computers and security cameras in the facility, prompting a security lockdown. Lemay took charge in Olivier's stead and managed the breach, which she later concluded had been caused by the head of the technology department, an employee named John Standish.[4]

After the death of John Standish, Lemay reported to Laetitia England. She told Laetitia how Standish was killed and asked if Laetitia had heard anything from Olivier since he disappeared.[4] Afterwards, Lemay took over as Chief Creative Officer of Abstergo Entertainment office in Montreal, and was inducted into the Templar Order.[8]

Investigating the Koh-i-Noor

In November 2013, Juhani Otso Berg used the Helix in the Abstergo Entertainment HQ in Montreal to relive the memories of the last known Black Cross. Intel gathered from their raids in India suggested that Albert Bolden was the last known individual to be in possession of Koh-i-Noor. Berg and Violet da Costa hoped the box carried by Darius Gift contained it. As the box did not contain it and the trail had gone cold. Berg put the investigation on stand-by to save resources until new evidence presented itself, something the Templar Order could afford. Berg expressed that locating any descendants of Bolden would take time and that they should work on other matters in the mean time. Perhaps even resurrect the Black Cross title.[9]

Search for Germain's remains

On June 2014, Abstergo Entertainment focused on creating new games, especially about different Assassins and Templars through history. On 19 June 2014, newly employed research analyst Robert Fraser was tasked with the exploration of Arno Dorian's genetic memories so a blockbuster product could be made out of them. After each Animus session, Fraser was to write up reports detailing his thoughts, which would be evaluated by Project Manager and Fraser's personal supervisor, Aidan St. Claire.[10]

However, after Fraser became more immersed in Arno's memories and started forming a personal attachment to him, St. Clair appointed Fraser into a session with Abstergo Entertainment's chief psychiatrist, Victoria Bibeau, to make sure he was not suffering from the Bleeding Effect. Bibeau determined that Fraser was not suffering from the Bleeding Effect yet, and she suggested to monitor Fraser's session and to curtail any extracurricular activity related with his project to keep it that way.[10]

In spite of this, the symptoms continued and Fraser even began to hallucinate; once this came to light, he was made to take a medical leave of absence. He subsquently spent a week in the recovery center with Bibeau, during which she instructed him to destroy all documentation on Arno's life and leak the unsequenced memories to the Assassins. Although Fraser succeeded in this task, he was caught and terminated shortly thereafter.[10]

However, Bibeau pleaded misguided ignorance and, thanks to her numerous friends in Abstergo who vouched for her, successfully convinced the Templars that she did what she did because she truly believed it was the right thing to do at the time. She was subsequently offered to join their cause and became a loyal member of the Templar Order.[11] Following her induction into the Order, Bibeau was appointed as a senior researcher for the Lineage Discovery and Acquisition division at The Aerie.[12]

Following Fraser's death, Lemay ordered St. Clair to recover what was left from the files to give it to a Templar initiate who would later be known as the Journeyman for them to review and to help them finish Arno's memories. During their assignment, the agent had special permission to handle some artifacts in the Abstergo Entertainment archives because of their ability to use Eagle Vision, like Arno Dorian's watch, the chalice from the Assassin Order initiation and a Templar badge of office made by the Sage and Templar Grand Master François-Thomas Germain.[10]

Due to their exceptional work with Arno Dorian's memories and the artifacts, the agent was provided a trip on an Abstergo Entertainment private jet to explore the French Assassins' hideout, the Sainte-Chapelle. Melanie Lemay hoped that their Eagle Vision would allow them to discover some secrets that others might have missed.[10]

After reliving Arno's memories up to his encounter with Germain on 21 January 1793 at King Louis XVI's execution, the agent received a promotion within the Templar ranks and received the title of Journeyman, being granted the privilege to confidential information, including information on the Isu, Sages, the Pieces of Eden and the Phoenix Project. After the agent had finished reading the information, Lemay revealed to them the true purpose of their project, finding Germain's remains before the Assassins.[10]

Sometime later, the agent was able to sequence a great deal of Arno's memories, and was assigned to investigate Fraser's apartment using Eagle Vision. This led them to discover a set of fingerprints belonging to the Assassin Bishop, which helped narrow down what data had been leaked to the Assassins.[10]

After their work on Arno Dorian's memories had been complete, the agent's efforts were recognized by Alan Rikkin, and after a unanimous vote, the agent was formally inducted into the Templar Order. After the termination of St. Claire, they were also assigned to the position of Project Manager at Abstergo Entertainment.[10]

Security breaches

Due to periodic attempts from outsiders to access the Helix servers, Lemay had a proprietary detection system implemented in early August, with Violet da Costa handling the logistics. Over the next few weeks, da Costa and her security team discovered a number of unauthorized data packets that were entering and leaving the servers. They subsequently decrypted and decoded them, revealing a number of audio, video, and text files of sinister origins. On 21 August, da Costa alerted Lemay to the threat and promised to keep her updated as they learned more.[13][8]

Sometime later, da Costa observed a security breach unlike the ones she had seen before; seventeen servers were compromised simultaneously in perfect unison, each via completely separate backdoor programs. While the perpetrator did not take anything, they scanned almost everything, from genetic memory archives to raw DDS data, leading da Costa to conclude they were looking for something.[13]

In October, 2014, Juhani Otso Berg, a member of the Inner Sanctum, received permission from Laetitia England to permanently reform Sigma Team. However, Berg decided to join da Costa at Abstergo Entertainment instead in order to ensure her safety, as the building was a target for various groups. Berg subsequently took over security in Abstergo Entertainment's Montreal facilities by posing as an independent contractor working for Abstergo.[8]

Cormac's memories

In November, 2014, a research analyst triggered a virus embedded in the memories of Shay Cormac stored in the Helix, causing the entire facility to become compromised. In response, Lemay ordered an evacuation of the building, leaving da Costa and Berg in charge of restoring the systems and security. Lemay later called the research analyst to her office, telling them of Olivier's disappearance, and granting the analyst necessary security clearance to continue exploring Shay's genetic memories. After the research analyst finished analyzing Cormac's memories, they were informed that Lemay, da Costa and Berg were all members of the Templar Order. From there, the analyst was given a choice to join the Templars, or refuse and be killed by Berg. According to the analyst's diary, they then gave the analyst some time to think it over.[8]

Berg also used Shay's memories as a fait to flush out the Assassins' man in Montreal while the video caused the Assassins to empty a few safehouses, shut down a few servers and put up some new firewalls. Berg located the Assassins' man almost instantly and monitored his communications with other Initiates, Berg watched them run and where they ran. Resulting in the death of their man in Montreal despite having kept a low profile during the "incident".[14]



Colonial Era

21st Century