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The title of this article is conjecture. Although the subject of this article is canon, no official name for it has been given.

The Canadian Brotherhood of Assassins were the branch of Assassins located in Canada.


American Revolution

During the American Revolutionary War, the Canadian Assassins were supported by Colonial Assassins sent by Ratonhnhaké:ton to prevent the Continental Army from taking over Quebec.[1]

Later on, the Assassins began an investigation into the Templar influence in Quebec and Montreal, during which they found out that Montreal's harbor had fallen into Templar hands. The Assassins then made sure that the designers of the Templar plans were dealt with.[1]

Post-American Revolution

Resistance against the Château Clique

In 1832, the journalist and secret Assassin Ludger Duvernay posted several articles accusing the Canadian administration of serving the Château Clique, the leaders of the Templars at the time. The Assassins financed him, hoping to expose the government's connections to the Templars.[2]

Duvernay freed by the Assassins

A few weeks later, Duvernay was arrested and imprisoned on charges of spreading false information, and the Clique even rallied the public against him. However, the Assassins quickly freed Duvernay from jail. After his release, Duvernay founded the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society, hoping to spiritually unify Quebec and gain independence from Canada.[2]

On 24 June 1834, Duvernay hosted a soirée for his secret society, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society, to rally against their enemies. However, a Templar agent infiltrated the party posing as a violist, and killed one of Duvernay's allies, only to be knocked out by Larose, one of Duvernay's associates.[3]

Modern times

By 2012, an Assassin cell led by Janice operated in Whistler. Sometime that year, Janice rescued activist Susan Drayton from police custody after she had been arrested for breaking into a water supply plant in Prince George and stealing a sample of New Fluoride. Janice convinced Susan to join the Assassins, telling her that she believed the Assassins should have a strong connection to nature.[4]

Later, Susan attempted to steal a ship, the Altaïr II, in order to chase Japanese whalers, but was stopped by Assassin leader Gavin Banks, who intended to make the ship a mobile HQ for the Assassins, despite not knowing how to pilot a ship. Susan and Gavin came to an agreement to work together, with Susan as the captain of the ship.[4]

On 12 September 2012, Janice called Gavin and requested more Assassins to assist her, since she had only two others in her cell. However, after Gavin promised Janice he would do what he could, a team of Templar agents led by Daniel Cross attacked the Assassins' hideout.[5]

Despite this, at least one of the Assassins survived and made contact with Adriano Maestranzi, the Assassin leader of the Florentine cell. In his correspondence with William Miles, which Adriano disguised with business terms, the survivor "left Whistler because he didn't want to be 'buried' in work there, like his colleagues."[6]

Adriano e-mailed William again three days later, saying that the survivor's description of the man who led the Templar attack in Whistler fit that of "the guy who deceived a certain 'CEO' of [theirs], some 12 years ago", and that Adriano hoped to learn more during his meeting with the survivor the next day.[7]


  • Susan Drayton
  • Ludger Duvernay
  • Janice


American Revolution

19th Century



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