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Campagna District Overlook

An aerial view of the Campagna district

The Campagna District (English: Countryside District) was one of the four districts of Rome during the Renaissance. This district was characterized by its farmlands, sparse settlements and the presence of military encampments.

During the early 16th century, the Campagna district, like the Centro and Antico districts, fell into disrepair under the rule of the House of Borgia. They exerted their influence over the citizens of the district through four Borgia Towers, each guarded by a Borgia Captain.

By 1503, Ezio Auditore had burned down all of the Borgia Towers, and had re-opened most of the shops. He had also already re-established the Barracks, and in turn, the Mercenaries Guild, at the request of fellow Assassin Bartolomeo d'Alviano, in order to aid him in his war against the Borgia.

The Campagna district was the home of famous Roman landmarks such as the Castra Praetoria and the Terme di Diocleziano, where the entrance to the Cloaca Maxima's Romulus lair was located.


Bar 8

Caserma di Alviano

The Campagna district was adjacent to the Centro and Antico districts, and is where the famous Skirmish with the French took place. Within this district, Ezio could find: