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ACO Camp Shetjeh

Camp Shetjeh

Camp Shetjeh was a military compound on the western edge of the village of Siwa, Egypt. It was operated by the soldiers of Medunamun, a member of the Order of the Ancients appointed as the Oracle of Amun around 48 BCE by Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII.


Comprised of several buildings employed as barracks, the camp was located at the foot of the hills west of Siwa, where, at the time of its operation under Medunamun's tenure, Ptolemaic soldiers had set up several tents and wooden palisades.[1]


Around 48 BCE, in the absence of the Medjay of Siwa, Bayek, Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII deployed a garrison to the remote village to consolidate his hold over it. The troops set up two military bases outside of the Temple of Amun: the Coral Escarpment Camp to the east and Camp Shetjeh to the west.[1]

That year, the captain of the garrison suspected the local blacksmith, Benipe, of colluding with rebels and supplying them with arms. As punishment, he had his men confiscate all Benipe's tools and secure them at Camp Shetjeh, depriving the blacksmith of his livelihood. When Bayek returned to the village, however, he offered to help Benipe, infiltrating Camp Shetjeh in search of his equipment and to eliminate the captain. By doing so, he also toppled the base, eroding away at Ptolemy's power over the village.[2]



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