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Camerino is a town in Italy.


Harsh Words PL

The cannons used for the ambush

During the liberation of Rome, the Assassin Ezio Auditore sent a team of his apprentices to Camerino to prevent the Borgia from acquiring control over the city.

Once in Camerino, the Assassin team met with Abbot Bernardino, an outspoken ally against the Borgia, and provided the Assassins with information. Upon their arrival, Francesco Vecellio and his team devised a plan to stop the Borgia mercenaries.

They prepared an ambush by placing cannons in the bushes next to the road. When the Borgia forces marched up to the city, Cipriano Enu and several archers fired upon them from above a distraction, and while the mercenaries were occupied, the other Assassins fired the cannons, resulting in the death of all the Borgia soldiers.



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