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Cambyses II of Persia (died 522 BCE) was the emperor of the Achaemenid Empire, pharaoh of Egypt and King of Babylon.

Around 524 BCE, Cambyses sent an army of 50,000 men in an attempt to destroy the Oracle of Amun in Siwa. The army was later buried by a sandstorm and was thought by many to have vanished.[1]

In 522 BCE, the throne of Persia was usurped by Gaumata.[2] Cambyses attempted to march against the usurper, but died shortly after under disputed circumstances. After a few months, Gaumata was eventually overthrown by Darius.

Almost 500 hundred years later, a group of explorers discovered a site in the Isolated Desert which they believed to be the remains of Cambyses' army. Due to the harsh environment and the number of casualties suffered, the explorers later abandoned the excavation site. The site was later discovered by the Medjay Bayek in around 48 BCE, overridden with hyenas.[1]



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