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Cambridgeshire (Old English: Grantebridgescire) is a county in the East of England, bordering Lincolnshire to the north and Essex to the south.


A swampy region nestled between East Anglia and Ledecestrescire, Cambridgeshire was one of the first regions that come under the dominion of the Vikings during the Viking expansion into England in the mid-9th century.[1] The Great Summer Army, led by Guthrum and Soma, captured the town of Grantebridge from the ealdorman Wigmund in the early 870s. Grantebridge was left in Soma's control after Guthrum's incursions into the south, and during under her rule, Grantebridge was turned into a prosperous and wealthy town.[2]

In 873, aided by the Order of the Ancients and Galinn, one of Soma's advisors, Wigmund retook Grantebridge and ousted the Vikings from the town, causing them to splinter across the swamps around Cambridgeshire.[3]



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