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Caltrop Bomb

A typical Caltrop bomb

Caltrop bombs were bombs which were used by the Ottoman Assassins to impede enemy movement via the dispersal of small spikes across the ground, rendering their victims vulnerable during a fight. They could be crafted using any bomb shell or gunpowder type, combined with the caltrops ingredient.

Since caltrops were small metal objects with three or more spikes, arranged mainly in a pyramidic shape, at least one of the spikes would always face upwards when they landed on the ground. As such, the bombs used the force of the explosion to disperse these spikes across the blast radius, and anyone who stepped onto them was incapacitated due to the barbed spikes digging into their feet. With this in mind, Ezio Auditore da Firenze used caltrop bombs to escape pursuers, or to impede the movement of his enemies when he was outnumbered.


  • Ezio was immune to the effects of his caltrop bombs, presumably since he avoided stepping on them, which allowed him to easily defeat or escape enemies.
  • The achievement "Mouse Trap" could be earned by using a caltrop bomb to halt a total of 5 guards and then kill them with a scaffold through destroying it via the Hookblade.
  • In a Den Defense, Assassins who used caltrop bombs were one of the units that Ezio could deploy. Whenever they caught a Templar with their bombs, it only hurt their targets a small amount, but slowed their movement speed significantly, allowing other units to make quick work of them.



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