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Callum bloody blade

Template:Weapon Infobox Callum Lynch’s hidden blade was a hidden blade used by the Assassin Callum Lynch to kill Abstergo CEO Alan Rikkin[1] on 14 December 2016.[2]


As a composite blade, Callum’s blade is designed to be easily assembled and dismantled in order to sneak into high-security areas. Each component of the blade, aside from the blade itself, doubles as an everyday item, such as a mobile phone case, a belt buckle, and a pen. When assembled, the composite blade’s mechanism works identically to more traditional hidden blades.[1]


After formally joining the Assassins and escaping the Abstergo Foundation Rehabilitation Center, Callum Lynch and a group of fellow Assassins imprisoned with him travelled to London, England in order to sabotage the Templar Council of Elders’ meeting at Holborn Hall and reclaim the Apple of Eden taken from Christopher Columbus’s tomb. Each Assassin carried a different component of the hidden blade through the security, fooling the guards into believing that each piece was an everyday object.

ACmovie Callum killing Rikkin

Callum slashes Alan Rikkin's neck

The blade was assembled in a secluded part of the building and given to Callum, while Abstergo CEO Alan Rikkin was in the midst of giving a speech about claiming the Apple of Eden. After a brief confrontation with Alan’s daughter Sofia, Callum waited for the Templar to display the Apple to the Council before sneaking behind him and slitting his throat. In the ensuing chaos, Callum sheathed his blade and reclaimed the Apple off of Rikkin’s corpse, swapping it for a normal apple.

It is currently unknown if Callum retained the blade after Rikkin’s assassination.[1]


  • This hidden blade is not the first one to be used by Callum Lynch; while reliving his ancestor Aguilar de Nerha’s memories, he used Aguilar’s own hidden blades to increase his synchronization, and he briefly wielded his father’s hidden blade to threaten him before his last regression into the Animus.



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