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Calling All Stand-Ins was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore and La Volpe inquired about the whereabouts of Pietro Rossi, who they discovered was to be murdered by Cesare Borgia's butcher, Micheletto Corella.


Stand-ins 1

Ezio and Volpe with one of the spies

La Volpe conversed with one of his spies.

  • La Volpe: Where is Pietro?
  • Spy: I cannot tell you. But Micheletto waits at the city gates east of the Terme di Traiano (Baths of Trajan). He intends to disguise his men to make the killing look like an accident.
  • Ezio: He will lead me to Lucrezia's lover.
  • La Volpe: Ezio, Machiavelli has betrayed us. We would both wish to deny it, but the truth is now clear. Do what needs to be done. If you don't, I will.

La Volpe left Ezio on his own.

Ezio reached the Porta Praenestina in his search for Micheletto. There he found him alongside Cesare and his guards, with a prisoner, Francesco Troche.

  • Francesco: Please, I have done nothing.
  • Cesare: Francesco Troche, dear friend. Would I lie to you? You told your brother about my war plan in Romagna, who contacted the ambassador of Venezia.
  • Francesco: It was an accident. I am still your servant and ally.
Stand-ins 4

Francesco being questioned by Cesare

  • Cesare: Are you demanding that I discount your actions and rely on friendship?
  • Francesco: I am asking... not demanding.
  • Cesare: To unite Italia, I must have every institution under my control. And if the Church does not fall in the line, I will eliminate it entirely.
  • Francesco: You know that I really work for you, not the Pope.
  • Cesare: Ah. But do I, Troche? There's only one way I can know that unconditionally now.
  • Francesco: You intend to kill me? Your most loyal friend?
  • Cesare: Of course not.
  • Francesco: Are you letting me go? Thank you, Cesare. You will not regret–

Micheletto strangled Francesco to death.

  • Cesare: Guards! Give Micheletto the costumes for the play. Lucrezia is mine. No one else shall have her.

Cesare turned to Micheletto.

  • Cesare: Make doubly sure it is done correctly.
  • Micheletto: I obey, Cesare.
  • Cesare: Oh yes. Dump Francesco's body in the Tevere (Tiber).
Stand-ins 8

Micheletto handing the costume to one of the guards

Ezio followed Micheletto around Rome as he delivered the costumes for the play to his men.

  • Micheletto: Once you get dressed, you follow me to the play. Capito? (Understand?)
    Tieni. (Here.)
    This is for you.
    Il tuo costume (Your costume.)

Micheletto arrived at the Colosseum, unaware that many of his men had been replaced by Ezio's Assassin recruits. There, the Templar spoke with the guards stationed at the gates.

  • Ezio: Il Colosseo (The Colosseum).
  • Micheletto: I seek Pietro.
  • Guard: He acts on stage, Signore (Sir). One of my men will take you to him.
  • Micheletto: Don't forget, I wear the black shirt. Protect me and wait for Pilate's call to the Centurion to strike.


Ezio discovered where Pietro was to be killed and ordered for Micheletto's men to be assassinated by his recruits, who then entered the Colosseum disguised in the costumes for the play.



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