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Caligula (31 August 12 CE – 24 January 41 CE), born Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, was the third Emperor of Rome, reigning from 37 CE until his death.

During his reign, he was supported and influenced by the Order of the Ancients.[1] Because of this, on 24 January 41 CE, the Roman Hidden One Leonius assassinated Caligula with a dagger in an underground corridor beneath Palatine Hill.[2]


  • In 1503, the Italian Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze compared Cesare Borgia–Captain General of the Papal armies and a member of the Templar Order–to Caligula, due to his cruel and tyrannical manner of ruling.[3]
  • Historically, Caligula was assassinated by three of his Praetorian Guard, led by Cassius Chaerea.
  • In the Latin language, Caligula means "little boot", a nickname he acquired as a toddler when his father brought him to the battlefield dressed in a miniature military outfit.



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