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A cairn is a man-made stack of stones that typically have been used as landmarks since ancient times.


In the 9th century, a young Eivor Varinsdottir and her mother Rosta would stack cairns as a past-time and a way to clear the mind. Rosta would often recall to Eivor the times when she and her husband Varin would stack cairns as teenagers.[1]

In Scotland, the witch-warrior Niamh of Argyll's mother was buried beneath a cairn.[2]

Known cairns

Cairns were placed in various locations across Norway, England, Vinland,[1] Ireland,[3] Francia[4] and Scotland.[2] The Isu Odin also encountered cairns while in Asgard and Jötunheimr.[1]

  • Ionhontsiiò:ke
  • Atgeirr, Jotunheim
  • Litamiotvitr, Asgard



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