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"I am dealing with fools! Two of them. Cahin and Caha. French. Brother and sister. Ridiculous costumes."
―Fiora Cavazza describing the siblings.[src]

Cahin (died 1503) was a corrupt French nobleman and a member of the Templar Order who dressed in the costume of a harlequin. He was the brother of Caha, the Hellequin, and an individual hired by Cesare Borgia.

In 2012, his genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar by the Templar company Abstergo Industries, in the first stage of training for their Animus recruits, under the title of the Harlequin.[1]



"Cahin laughs his way through the door. Caha tips over a candelabrum before tumbling out behind him. I remain convinced that they are totally mad... yet fun!"
―Fiora Cavazza.[src]

Caha and Cahin killing their audience

Around 1497, Cahin and Caha performed together, so as to lure an assigned target – a foreigner with some claim to royal blood – into the open. As Caha distracted their audience by juggling her daggers, Cahin slipped away and stabbed the man through his chair.[2]

In the chaos that followed, Cahin, Caha, and their ally, Fiora Cavazza, finished off the rest of the guests.[2]


"He is agile enough to keep up with them for a while, even cutting one man's face, but he soon collapses with four swords running through his gut!"
―Fiora observing Cahin's final moments.[src]

In 1502, Fiora was betrayed by Cesare Borgia, and defected to the Assassins for her revenge. The following year, she led a team of them to pursue Cahin and Caha, who were performing on the streets of Rome.[2]

Cahin's death

As Caha realized their presence, she threw a smoke bomb into the crowd, alerting her brother to their arrival. As the audience scattered, Cahin attempted to escape, but he was cornered by several of the Assassins. Drawing a slender dagger to defend himself, Cahin agilely dodging his enemies' rapiers, but in time, he was killed by four of them.[2]

Enraged by her brother's death, Caha attempted to avenge him by attacking Fiora alone. However, she finally yielded, and made her way over to Cahin's body, where she removed his mask and sat there cradling him and sobbing. Unbeknownst to her, she was approached from behind by an Assassin, who killed her by shooting a single crossbow bolt into her head.[2]


  • Cahin's and Caha's names were based on the French phrase "cahin caha", meaning "willy nilly".
  • In Brotherhood, five Harlequins could be found in five permanent locations near to the waterfronts. To receive the "Clowning Around" achievement/trophy, Ezio must beat up all five, making sure they did not fall into the water. If he stood near to them for a while, they would be alerted to Ezio's presence and attack.
    • When viewed with Eagle Vision, the harlequins would glow gold.