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Caged and Enraged was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met a huntress who requested her help to free her "family".


While in Chios, Kassandra came across a woman who was held captured by a group of soldiers.

  • Zoe: Let me go! Let me go!
    Let me out!

The woman spotted Kassandra nearby and called out for her.

  • Zoe: You there! Artemis sent you to save me!

Kassandra attacked the guards and eliminated them, freeing the woman shortly afterwards.

  • Zoe: Many thanks, two-legs! It's not safe to speak here though... Meet me behind the temple in Chios city.

The woman left the area. Kassandra met her later at the informed location.

  • Zoe: Two-legs! Over here!

Kassandra approached her.

  • Zoe: Blessing to you, two-legs. I am Zoe, Daughter of Artemis. Thanks for freeing me from the stone-dwellers earlier.

(If players choose "Why do you call me two-legs?")

  • Kassandra: Two-legs? As opposed to what?
  • Zoe: Our four-legged brothers and sisters, of course. We are all equal—our souls are the same.
  • Kassandra: I haven't put much thought into that.
  • Zoe: You should. We both have animal insticts.
  • Kassandra: I learn new things every day.

(If players choose "Who are the stone-dwellers?")

  • Kassandra: Who are these people you call "stone-dwellers"?
  • Zoe: They came from the west years ago, and cut down our forests and dug up our earth to build their stone buildings.

(I'm happy to help.)

  • Kassandra: You seemed to be in a tight spot—looked like you could use a hand.
  • Zoe: I was outnumbered. No room to run. Now that I'm free, I can plan our revenge against the stone-dwellers.
  • Kassandra: Our revenge? Who else is involved?
  • Zoe: My four-legged brothers and sisters, the woodland creatures. We'll have our revenge on the stone-dwellers, who steal from our island.
  • Kassandra: The stone-dwellers have many weapons and defense. They won't be easy targets.
  • Zoe: That's why I need my furry friends. Will you free them like you freed me? In return for your help, I'll give you my finest bow.

(Accept – I'll help you.)

  • Kassandra: Animals shouldn't be caged.
  • Zoe: I knew we were kindred spirits. My four-legged brethen are held in two camps in the deforested area. Release them all so they may run free once again.
  • Kassandra: Consider it done.

Zoe let out a cry, seemingly to her animal friends.

  • Kassandra: Her caged "family" is in the deforested area.

Kassandra called out for Ikaros, who helped her to identify the camps the animals were held in: the Logging Camps and the Antigenes Camp. Kassandra infiltrated the first camp, finding wolves held in cages.

  • Kassandra: These wolves will want blood once released. I should be careful.

After eliminating the guards, Kassandra released the wolves one by one.

  • Kassandra: Easy, four-legs. I'm a friend of Zoe's...

She freed another.

  • Kassandra: Nice four-legs. Don't bite—I'm here to free you.

After freeing the final one, Kassandra made her way to another camp, eliminating the guards and freed the wolves afterwards. Having rescued all of them, Kassandra returned to Zoe.

  • Kassandra: I've done what you've asked. Your "family" is free.
  • Zoe: Many thanks to you, warrior of Artemis! You're worthy of this bow. May the whole world know of your deeds!
  • Kassandra: I'll make the most of it.


Kassandra helped Zoe to free her wolf companions.


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