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Caged Fighter was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore met an injured mercenary on a rooftop, with an arrow sticking out of his chest. Before he passed away, the mercenary told him that Bartolomeo d'Alviano had been captured and taken north of their position.


Ezio found a wounded mercenary.

  • Mercenary: Please... help...
  • Ezio: You must be one of Bartolomeo's men. What's happened here? Where is he?
  • Mercenary: Silvio's thugs... attacked. Took him deeper into the district... north of here...

The mercenary perished, and Ezio leaned down and closed his eyes.

  • Ezio: Requiescat in pace (Rest in peace).
CF 2

Bartolomeo being released from his cage

Afterwards, Ezio went to find Bartolomeo, and he overheard the condottiero shouting at the guards holding him.

  • Bartolomeo: Luridi cordardi (Fucking cowards)! I'll take you all on! At the same time! With one arm – no – BOTH arms tied behind my back! You must be wondering how this is EVEN POSSIBLE! Only release me and I'LL GLADLY DEMONSTRATE, miserabili pezzi di merda (you spineless pieces of shit)! You have no honor! No valor! No VIRTUE! And people wonder why it is Venezia's star has begun to fade! I'll show mercy to whoever here has the COURAGE to release me! All the rest of you are GOING TO DIE! By MY HAND! I swear it! What sort of man sells his honor and dignity for a bit of coin? You realize you are in service to a TRAITOR and a COWARD! Oh ho! Do you think I don't know WHY you've chained me up?! Do you think I don't know WHO pulls Silvio's puppet strings?! I've been fighting his weasel of a master since before most of you were even GLIMMERS in your fathers' eyes!
    Let me out! Let me out!!! Giuro che quando usciró da questa gabbia il mio unico pensiero sará spiccarvi dal tronco quelle teste di cazzo e ficcarvele su per il CULO!
    (I swear, once I'm free of this cage I'm going to make it my mission to sever EACH AND EVERY ONE of your FUCKING heads and SHOVE them up your FUCKING asses!) And I've no intention of matching ass to head either! Oh and what a grand display it will be! The likes of which shall be sung of for YEARS to come.

Ezio killed the guards holding Bartolomeo and freed him.

  • Bartolomeo: About goddamn time! I don't know if I should kiss you or slap you. Maybe both, just to be safe.
  • Ezio: That's quite alright.
  • Bartolomeo: Who are you?
  • Ezio: I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze. I'm here to rescue you.
  • Bartolomeo: Ha! Let's see who winds up rescuing who.
  • Ezio: What do you mean?
  • Guard: Down there! Stop them!

Ezio and Bartolomeo fought the oncoming guards together.

CF 3

Guards confronting Bartolomeo

  • Ezio: We should go.
  • Bartolomeo: Agreed! There are still more heads to be smashed!
  • Ezio: Perhaps we should try and avoid conflict?
  • Bartolomeo: Why?! Are you afraid?
  • Ezio: No, just practical, given that they outnumber us 100 to 1.
  • Bartolomeo: As you wish, bella mia (my lady)! Watch for the large one. Dante, he's called. Most of Silvio's men are useless, but that one is trouble.

They made their way to Bartolomeo's home.

  • Bartolomeo: Where to, Madonna?
    Don't overextend yourself, now!
    Hmm... What... Oh, sorry. I'd fallen asleep!
    Find me a face to put my fist in!
    Must. Break. Bones.
    About time!
    Are we there yet?
    Ah, sweet freedom, how I have missed you.
  • Ezio: Silvio's set his men to ransacking your place. Prepare yourself for a fight.
  • Bartolomeo: No need! Bartolomeo is ALWAYS prepared for a fight!

Eventually, the pair reached Bartolomeo's home, where a pair of guards waited outside.

  • Guard Captain: If you value your life, you'll stand down.
  • Bartolomeo: Never! What good is a man's life if it's not lived free, eh? I'll not go back into a cage!
  • Guard Captain: Then you'll go into the ground! Kill them!

Ezio and Bartolomeo killed the guards outside Bartolomeo's quarters.

  • Bartolomeo: What a mess they've made... Bianca! I hope she's unharmed!

Bartolomeo quickly rushed into his home.


Ezio rescued Bartolomeo d'Alviano, gaining his allegiance, and followed him to the military district of Venice.



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