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The Café Théâtre

The Café Théâtre was the intelligence gathering front of the Assassin Brotherhood, in Paris, France during the French Revolutionary period. The building became Arno Dorian's base of operations in the city during this time, where he attended plays, kept his armor and weapons, and trained to hone his Assassin skills.


Opened in lle Saint-Louis in 1759, the Café Théâtre was one of Paris' premiere coffee houses for decades. Intellectuals, poets, philosophers and actors flocked to its tables, and the salon was a centre for political debate and discussion. The Café was bought by the Assassin Brotherhood to act as an intelligence-gathering network, keeping the Assassins informed about the current situation in Paris. Over the years, other establishments, such as the Café Procope, gradually supplanted the Café Théâtre in prominence. By the 1790, it fell into near-ruin, becoming a rundown bar, more likely to host a second-rate bawdy comedy show than an impassioned debate.

In 1791, the fate of the rundown Café Théâtre was changed, when stewardship of the building was handed to the Assassin Arno Dorian, by the French Assassin Council. Under Arno's care the Café was restored to its former glory, as he renovated and invested money back into the building, bringing back the clientele and prestige that it had lost. The Assassins continued to operate out of the Café Théâtre long after the French Revolution, all the way up until World War I.


Upon his arrival at the Café Théâtre, Arno met with Charlotte Gouze, a member of the French Brotherhood who ran the establishment. She encouraged Arno to renovate the building, both to gain information and revenue from the patrons. Once Arno had enough coin, he spoke with the building's intendant about renovating the Café.

Ground floor

Renovating the ground floor allowed for an upgrade to the Café's kitchen, and opened up a blocked area which was turned into a club hall, a location for local Assassins to meet.


Renovating the hallway allowed for additions of new artwork and decoration of the walls.


Renovating the exterior reopened the courtyard well and the surrounding area. The well acted as a route into the tunnels below the Café, which connected to the Assassin Sanctuary.

Upper floors

Renovating the upper floor restored specific rooms within the Café, the training room, trophy room, and Arno's quarters.


Renovating the tunnel under the Café allowed it to connect to the existing tunnels to the east bank of the district.



  • The Café Théâtre featured in Assassin's Creed Unity is anachronistic, as historically the first café-théâtre was created in 1966 by Bernard Da Costa.




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