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This article is about the building. You may be looking for the memory of Arno Dorian.

The Café Procope is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris.


The Café Procope was opened in 1686 by the Sicilian chef Procopio Cutò, and became one of the most prominent cafés of the 18th century. Paris' intellectual center moved from the cafés of the left bank of the Seine to those of the right bank. Situated opposite the Comédie Française, the Procope was an early example of a street café where social classes mixed.

It served as an intellectual meeting place for playwrights, chess players, distinguished actors, writers and philosophers, which cultivated a culture for the French Revolution. Noted patrons during the period included Voltaire, Denis Diderot, Benjamin Franklin, Georges Danton, Jean-Paul Marat and Maximilien de Robespierre.

At some point during the revolution, Robespierre's allies took over the Procope to discuss a conspiracy to overthrow the Legislative Assembly. In response, the Assassin Council of the Parisian Brotherhood had Arno Dorian eliminate the conspirators.


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