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Caesar's Civil War (49–45 BC) was a civil war fought between Julius Caesar and Pompey over the former's desires to become consul. It was concurrent to the Alexandrine Civil War, which is sometimes considered the Egyptian theatre of Caesar's Civil War because of the involvement of both sides on that particular conflict. Its end would directly lead to Caesar's assassination and two subsequent wars before the failing Republic was reorganized by Octavian into an Empire.[1]


Among the writings attributed to Caesar are his description of the Civil War in Commentarii de Bello Civili and of the Siege of Alexandria in De Bello Alexandrino,[2] both of which relayed the events of the Civil War, though other ancient authors left behind contradictory information.[3]

In 48 BCE, Pompey had lost a decisive battle against Caesar and fled for safe harbor.[4] While in the Aegean Sea, Pompey was assisted by Aya and Phoxidas, who had been sent by Cleopatra to initiate an alliance. Pompey accepted the offer and declared that his fleet would make way for Egypt immediately.[5] Shortly after his arrival, Pompey was ambushed by Lucius Septimius and the Gabiniani sent by Ptolemy XIII, Cleopatra's younger brother. Pompey was slain and beheaded, in the hopes of winning Caesar's favor.[6]

With Pompey killed, Caesar was then involved with the Siege of Alexandria[7] and the Battle of the Nile, resulting with Cleopatra ascending the throne and both of them allying with the Order of the Ancients.[8] After leaving Egypt, Caesar continued to battle allies of Pompey in Asia, North Africa, and Hispania.[1]


Due to the power accumulated during the war and through his alliance with the Order of the Ancients, Caesar was proclaimed dictator perpetuo, and was later assassinated by the Hidden Ones and their allies in the Roman Senate.[9] Following this, Octavian and Mark Anthony would fight yet another civil war against Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus, ultimately leading to war against Cleopatra[10] and the establishment of the Roman Empire.[1]



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