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Cable News was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob and Evie helped Alexander Graham Bell recover the cables he had ordered for his independent telegraph line.


  • Bell: Ah, Jacob, uh, Ms. Frye! How good to see you. Oh, have you seen Starrick's latest lies?

Bell showed Jacob and Evie a copy of Starrick's newspaper.

  • Jacob: Lies in a newspaper?
  • Evie: What transpired from the new line you were establishing?
  • Bell: Oh, the cables we ordered never arrived. And then, we intercepted this. A message mentioning cargo seized at College Wharf.
ACS Cable News 1

Jacob and Evie discoursing with Bell

  • Evie: Then let's unseize it.

Jacob and Evie made to leave.

  • Bell: Oh, uh, wait! Another intercepted wire contained the recipe for a powerful hallucinogenic serum. I've adapted this dart mechanism to work with your bracers.
  • Jacob: Aleck, you're a genius.

Jacob attached the dart mechanism to his Assassin Gauntlet.

  • Bell: Well that, patently, is untrue. Although... I've also discovered that the serum adopts the form of a gas when subjected to heat.
  • Jacob: Just when I think you can't surpass yourself...

Jacob and Evie left. One of them then made their way to College Wharf and freed the captured crew in charge of the shipment, before recovering the cable lines taken by the Blighters. The cargo ship manned by the latter then sailed by.

  • Blighter: There's trouble on the docks, lads! We need to get this load to Starrick now!

As Jacob or Evie boarded the ship and opened the crate aboard, a poisonous gas came out.

ACS Cable News 2

Jacob opening a crate

  • Jacob: Poison! Bell must know what kind.

Evie would react diffently than Jacob.

  • Evie: Poison! I'm sure Mr. Bell will find this most interesting.

The freed crew took back the ship, and as Jacob and Evie returned to Bell's residence, the latter nearly hurt himself in a chemistry experiment.

  • Evie: Careful there, Mr. Bell.
  • Bell: Every worthwhile endeavor is fraught with dangers, my dear friends. None more so than yours. But you have triumphed once again.
  • Jacob: How do you know?
  • Bell: We have entered the age of communication, remember. We've already received word from Greenwich that the shipment has arrived safely. Thanks to you.
  • Evie: Have you discovered what else is in that shipment?
  • Bell: Indeed. Um, I'm afraid that Starrick's poison has found its way on to the open market.
  • Evie: If he believes that will stop us, he is mistaken.


Jacob and Evie recovered Bell's shipment of cable lines, and also received a poison dart mechanism.


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