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C. C. was the alias of a Roman Hidden One who operated in the province of Gaul during the 5th century.[1]


Following the death of Emperor Honorius in 423 CE, Magister Vitus, a Hidden One operating in Britannia ordered the closing of their bureaus and relocate to the German city of Cologne to join forces with their local chapter.[2] Vitus extended an open welcome for the Hidden Ones in Gaul to do the same.[1]

C. C. felt it was better to leave Paris and regroup the Brotherhood's attention where it was most needed, also ordering the closing of the Lutetia bureau, with instructions for the keys to be hidden in the ruins at Champlieu, Diodurum and Gisacum. C. C. passed along the invitation to Cologne, saying For those who choose to do so [make that journey] , I will meet you there.[1]