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Eivor wielding the Byzantine Spear

The Byzantine Spear was a spear that the Viking jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan acquired at Azar's market in late 9th century Dublin, Ireland.

Throughout her journey in Ireland, Eivor aided Azar in building Dublin to be the trade center of Ireland. Upon building up Dublin, Eivor found and collected items around Ireland and its trade posts, such as pieces of clothing, texts, and luxuries. In one of Azar's trade contracts, the Emperor of the Byzantine Empire asked for necessary items for an upcoming church consecration of Christians and clergy. After trading 200 pieces of clothing, 150 texts, and 35 luxuries, Eivor built up Dublin's affluence with Constantinople and obtained some trade post supplies and the Byzantine Spear.[1]

Weapon statistics

Class Rarity Attack Speed Stun Critical Chance Weight Perks Availability
Superior 49 54 30 66 12 Increase Critical Chance the lighter you are
From 100 to 0 weight
Bonus: 2.8 to 13.8 Critical Chance
Trade 200 pieces of clothing, 150 texts, and 35 luxuries with Azar.
Flawless Upgrade
Mythical 99 75 84
Similar to the menaulion, this spear's shaft is made of oak and its tip is affixed with a long, sharp, blade.