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Byron Jackson was an English smuggler and captain of the Granny Smith, posing as a Frenchman. He smuggled tea, sugar and other goods heavily taxed by the government to England's east coast. Although a drunkard, Byron was an excellent swordsman.


Drunk in a tavern in Saint-Cyr on the night of 7 February 1788, he overheard the Templar Élise de la Serre talking to the Middle Man regarding a ship captain heading to England. Intrigued, he tried to get the young lady's attention rather rudely, but was shoved away. Still curious, Byron followed Élise and the Middle Man, witnessing thugs kidnapping her. With the young lady's fallen sword, he staggered towards the thugs. One of them attempted to stab Byron, but he swiftly wheeled and cut the attacker's throat. Byron killed the remaining two criminals, vomited, and offered to help Élise and her new handmaiden, Hélène. After assuring them that he was a gentleman, they sailed on the Granny Smith to Dover.

Byron often reminded Élise to teach Hélène proper manners and etiquette, which Élise found ironic. While sailing, he tethered the wheel with rope and sparred with Élise. The pair talked about her sword skills and the people she had sparred with, often making jest remarks about Élise killing him if he touched her. Byron warned Élise of the dangers of hesitating in a sword fight, just as she had in the tavern.

After arriving at Dover beach, Élise and Hélène bid Byron farewell as he excused himself in order to bypass custom houses. He accepted Élise's pay with a gracious bow and the the trio separated.



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