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By Invitation Only was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Shay and Liam pursued the high-ranking Templar Lawrence Washington, in an effort to recover the stolen Precursor box and Manuscript.


Shay joined Liam at the helm of the Morrigan.

  • Shay: So, what's our next heading?
  • Liam: Wherever this Lawrence Washington docks his arse.
  • Shay: Liam, you're finally getting into the spirit of things!
  • Liam: He's a Templar and a politician, what's there to like?
  • Shay: Good! Hoist anchor!

The pair departed from Anticosti Island.

  • Shay: Where does Chevalier get off ordering us around like that? We're Assassins, same as him.
  • Liam: He has more experience and he knows these waters better, Shay. That makes him in charge of these parts.
  • Shay: Well, he commands me around back at the Homestead too. Is he a truffle pig to know land better than me?
  • Liam: Show some respect, Shay.
  • Shay: He ought to respect me, Liam! I stick my neck out as much as any of us.
  • Liam: Yeah, twice as often it seems... But that's just the thing, Chevalier hangs back and thinks before making a decision. His experience has earned him that right.
  • Shay: I wonder how much experience I'll need before I can decide when to wake up or take action! I swear Liam, sometimes I feel I was more grown up when we were children. We slept rough and scrounged for meat, but at least we decided where and when.

After sailing to the River Valley, Shay and Liam joined their fellow Assassins in Two Bends.

The Assassins discussing their findings

  • Hope: The Templars desire to understand the nature of these artifacts. Their spies have called upon many doctors and other learned people in New York.
  • Kesegowaase: They have also approached many tribes with questions.
  • Liam: Yeah, they've been showing that Manuscript far and wide. No one can read the strange writing or understand the images. We do have a name though.
  • Shay: We learned that Lawrence Washington sent out the Manuscript.
  • Achilles: Lawrence Washington... Businessman, Virginian politician, and high-ranking Templar.
  • Hope: Ah yes, I recently heard he was back from the West Indies. One of my men saw his majordomo pick up a strange package.
  • Achilles: Then that package will be delivered to him promptly. Shay, figure out what it is and find Washington. And when you do... learn all you can.
  • Liam: I'll prepare the Morrigan.

Shay and Liam subsequently set out to locate the shipment.

  • Liam: Well, if we've any luck, that ship will lead us right to him.
  • Shay: I make my own luck, Liam. And Washington is running out of his.
  • Liam: Aye.

Shay spotted the frigate with his spyglass.

  • Shay: There she is! Alright men, time to be quiet!
  • Liam: Lawrence Washington is a powerful businessman, a slave owner, and a leading Templar. We lost track of him about a year ago. I recently learned he was in Barbados, but I haven't been able to confirm that. Now...
  • Shay: Now you think he had something to do with the theft of the artifacts, don't you?
  • Liam: I wouldn't put it past him. Haiti's a short voyage from Barbados, and his return to the Colonies certainly coincides with the arrival of the artifacts. We cannot let the Templars get control of these Colonies. Whatever happens, Lawrence Washington must not survive.
  • Shay: I'll make sure he doesn't.

The pair found themselves impeded by a naval blockade.

  • Liam: A blockade, Captain! This won't do. Shay, you must follow that ship on land.
  • Shay: I'll do that. Bring the Morrigan around another way.
  • Liam: Aye, Cap'n. Track that passage and find Washington.

Shay went ashore.

Shay following the shipment

  • Shay: Some blockade.
  • Liam: And remember what I said, Shay. Washington must die.
  • Shay: Aye.

Shay then tailed the ship on foot, eventually reaching Mount Vernon. He then boarded the ship.

  • Guard 1: What is in this package? The captain would tell us naught but that it was fragile.
  • Guard 2: Then you need know naught but that.
  • Guard 1: Come on, throw a dog a bone!
  • Guard 2: What makes you think I know?

Shay found the package and opened it.

  • Shay: Now, what's this? A rifle?
  • Guard 3: You there!

Shay panicked and shot the man with a dart from the rifle.

  • Guard 3: Stay... where... you... are-

The guard promptly feel asleep.

  • Shay: How can that be? It makes no sound. Thanks for the present, Master Washington.
    This is a strange surprise, not quite what I was expecting. Now I must find Washington, and interrogate him...

Shay made his way to Washington's estate.

  • Guest 1: Splendid party, wouldn't you say?
  • Guest 2: Indeed. Master Washington has outdone himself.
  • Guest 1: He has been rather pale, though. And his cough is worse than ever.
  • Guard 4: Invitation, please.
  • Guest 3: Here you are. Has there been any trouble?
  • Guard 4: Not yet. And we hope to keep it that way.
  • Shay: I need to get to Washington first. Then I'll worry about the artifacts.

At the party, Shay found Washington in conversation with his younger brother.

Lawrence speaking with his brother

  • George: Brother, are you sure you shouldn't be in bed?
  • Lawrence: I am fine, George.

The elder Washington was joined by several of his guests.

  • Lawrence: Be a good host for my sake. Go to the wine cellar and get something special for our guests.
  • George: I will. Gentlemen.

Once George had gone, Lawrence spoke to his fellow Templars.

  • Lawrence: My brother is a bright spot in a troubled land. If I may make one request before I depart this life, please leave him in peace. He should have nothing to do with the troubles of the Templar cause.
  • Weeks: We all respect that sentiment, sir.
  • Lawrence: You have my thanks, gentlemen. Master Smith, are you ready to leave on your voyage?
  • Smith: Aye, sir! I shall return with answers.
  • Lawrence: Master Wardrop, are you likewise engaged with the manuscript?
  • Wardrop: Yes, sir. We will soon know its meaning.
  • Lawrence: Then I bid you take your leave.

After his Templar brethren had gone, Washington joined the party.

  • Shay: Washington can barely stand on his own two feet. You better be right about him, Liam, because I'm about to murder a dying man.

Shay assassinated Washington.

Lawrence's final moments

  • Lawrence: You are too late, Assassin.
  • Shay: It's never too late to ruin Templars plans, Master Washington.
  • Lawrence: Ah, ah... but my plans are already in motion. Even leading you here... has given my allies time to escape. Thank you... for making my end a quick one.
  • Shay: And thank you for revealing your master plan, you scheming snake.

With Washington dead, Shay decided to make his escape.

  • Shay: Goddamit, I'd better hurry. I have to get to the Morrigan! Liam, I hope you brought the ship around!
    Is that a ship mortar? That's not sporting!

Shay made his way to the Morrigan, which had been receiving heavy damage from mortar fire. He subsequently escaped his pursuers.

  • Shay: Lawrence Washington is dead.
  • Liam: You look disappointed.
  • Shay: The sickly way that man looked, he would have been dead in a month anyway. And two other Templars got away. They're looking into the Manuscript and Box.
  • Liam: Did they have the artifacts?
  • Shay: I don't know... Perhaps... I can't be sure.
  • Liam: Then you did what was right by the Brotherhood. We can find the objects later. Cheer up, Shay. It's a rare day we can sow such chaos among the Templars.
  • Shay: Perhaps. But to hear Washington speak, it didn't sound like they'd be too put out by the loss.
  • Liam: Well, that's what he'd want you to think.


Shay assassinated Washington at his estate, though the stolen artifacts remained in the hands of Templars Smith and Wardrop. While there, Shay also acquired the air rifle.



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