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Burnt Offerings was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Not content with disturbing the sleep of Kings, the thieves desecrate the tombs of common people. Bayek helps a young woman seeking justice for her brother.


While in the Workers' Necropolis in Set-Ma'at, Bayek came across a young woman praying in front of various offerings.

  • Raia: Pet xer ba-k ta xeri tut-k. Heaven hath thy soul, earth hath thy body. Ranofer, forgive me, I could not protect your earthly form.

He spoke to her.

  • Raia: Have you come to bring me home? Tell Anen I will not leave my brother.
  • Bayek: Anen did not send me, but these cliffs are not safe for a woman alone. There are bandits, soldiers...
ACO Burnt Offerings 2

Bayek speaking to Raia

  • Raia: Let them try and take me! It was one of those vultures who defiled Ranofer's tomb!
  • Bayek: Something was taken?
  • Raia: He was taken! The tomb desecrated and their bodies stolen. And his amulet, the scarab I made to protect him...
  • Bayek: I will find the neket iadets who did this.
  • Raia: His mastaba is at the top of the necropolis... but why would you help me...?
  • Bayek: Bayek. A man's Ka must not be trapped in the shallow sands.
  • Raia: So say the ancient songs. I am Raia. I will return to the village, find me there.
ACO Burnt Offerings 4

Bayek in Ranofer's tomb

Bayek traveled to the top of the necropolis, where he found a desecrated tomb.

  • Bayek: They have plundered the tombs of the Pharaohs, and now they disturb our brothers... and sons.

He investigated the broken wall.

  • Bayek: They took a hammer to the wall. No one would hear them this far from the village.

He investigated various broken jars.

  • Bayek: What they didn't steal they destroyed.

He investigated a stele.

  • Bayek: Ranofer was an embalmer, he prepared the dead for the Duat.

He investigated wrappings on a counter.

  • Bayek: A few ceremonial wrappings, they took the bodies. But where?
ACO Burnt Offerings 5

Bayek finding Anen's hammer

He investigated a hammer on the ground.

  • Bayek: A blacksmith's mark, an A within a sphere.

He picked up the hammer.

  • Bayek: The blacksmith in Set Ma'at... could he be the A on the hammer's handle?

Bayek left the tomb and returned to Set-Maat. He found Raia in the middle of the road.

  • Bayek: Raia? I was looking for the blacksmith...
  • Raia: He is in chains on his way to the fort!
  • Bayek: Why would they arrest him?
  • Raia: I ran down from the dunes, to tell him of your kindness and found their edict. But you also came looking for my husband?
  • Bayek: A hammer was used to break the walls of your brother's tomb.
  • Raia: The handle, this is... Anen's mark. You think he...? Never. Ranofer was my only blood.
  • Bayek: Then why take an innocent man?
  • Raia: You are not a calf, Bayek, guileless at the teat. The soldiers care only for their own pleasures...
  • Bayek: ...and they rob our ancestors to do it. I will find the truth of this, Raia.
  • Raia: Amun lead you to it, Bayek.

Bayek left Raia.

Bayek travelled to the valley, where he found Anen held in a cage.

  • Blacksmith: I told you. I don't have your tools. Liberate them from those thieving bandits!

Bayek eliminated the soldiers and approached the cage.

ACO Burnt Offerings 7

Bayek finding Anen

  • Bayek: Are you the blacksmith Anen?
  • Blacksmith: Whatever you need of me, neb, I will trade for my freedom.

Bayek unlocked the cage and freed Anen. He escorted the blacksmith out of the camp.

  • Blacksmith: A bold rescue from under the noses of those Greek shiteaters! So what do you need of me?
  • Bayek: Information. A hammer with your mark was used in a tomb robbing.
  • Blacksmith: Thoth's cock, perhaps because my tools were stolen by those dung beetles hiding in the cliffs. But you look like a man who could scare the bull from his cow. Come, let's get back what's mine.
  • Bayek: Wait! They have more than your tools, they have taken the dead... your kin Ranofer.
  • Blacksmith: I'll wear their testes as a neckless!
  • Bayek: Return to your wife, I will go. She cannot lose both her men.
  • Blacksmith: (sigh) You're right, make them piss themselves before Osiris.

Anen returned to Set-Ma'at.

  • Bayek: They do not fear the gods, they will fear me.

Bayek travelled to the bandits' camp situated in the hills of the valley. He eliminated the bandits and found several charred bodies.

  • Bayek: This is monstrous, burning the bodies to get to the treasures.

He recovered an amulet.

  • Bayek: It will break Raia's heart to know his fate. But I should return the amulet.
ACO Burnt Offerings 11

Bayek informing Raia the fate of her brother's body

Bayek returned to Raia and Anen in the village.

  • Blacksmith: Back in one piece, eh? Made those cockless dogs answer to the Ram God?
  • Bayek: I found the bandits, but I could not save your brother's earthly form, Raia.
  • Raia: Thank you, any more was too much to hope for.
  • Bayek: Here, the amulet.
  • Raia: No, it was for him, to aid his passage in the Duat. Keep it, perhaps it can protect you?
  • Bayek: The weigher of hearts will not punish him for the crime of others, Raia.
  • Blacksmith: We will see him again in the eternal reeds, my wife.
  • Raia: This gives me comfort. Em hotep, Bayek.


Bayek helped to free Raia's husband Anen, who was believed to be the one who desecrated Ranofer's tomb. However, Bayek learnt that bandits were the one who stole his hammer and Ranofer's body. He was unable to retrieve his body which had been burned and instead retrieved his amulet, whom Raia asked him to keep.



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