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Burgred (died c. 875) was king of Mercia from 852 to 874.


At one point during his reign, Burgred came under opposition from the ealdorman Lerion, a member of the House of Wuffingas who sought to claim the Mercian throne for himself with aid from Ælla of Northumbria.[1] Late in his reign, Burgred was pressured by the Vikings Ubba and Ivarr the Boneless to cede his throne to Ceolwulf.[2] He and his wife Æthelswith were subsequently exiled to Rome.[3]

Behind the scenes

Burgred is a historical character first mentioned in the 2020 Echoes of History podcast episodes on Vikings. He later appeared in the 2020 video game Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, where he was voiced by the British actor Timothy Watson.

Historically, Burgred was exiled to Rome in 874 instead of 873. He was subsequently buried in the Santo Spirito.[4]



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