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Burglar on the Homestead was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After helping Godfrey and Terry settle on the Homestead, Connor went to check up on them, only to hear Catherine shouting for help.


Connor walked up to Catherine, who was shouting for his help.

  • Catherine: Connor! Connor! Some lout's trying to break into our house! He's armed! I'm getting the boys.
  • Connor: Find them, I will handle it.

Connor ran up to the burglar attempting to break in.

  • Connor: Stop!

Connor chased the burglar across the nearby river.

  • Terry: You can go home, if you want. I don't need you for this one.
  • Godfrey: Something's amiss!

Connor caught up with the burglar.

  • Burglar: Please, mister. Don't hurt me. Beggin' yer mercy, sir. I din' mean it. Won' 'appen again, I swear. I won' come back 'ere. I promise. Just leave me be, mister.

Despite his pleas for mercy, the burglar engaged Connor in combat, only to be killed.

Burglar on the Homestead 5

Godfrey asking Connor about the commotion

  • Terry: What's the trouble Connor? Saw you tear past chasing a man.
  • Connor: He was trying to rob your home. It has been dealt with.
  • Godfrey: What? The women! Is everyone alright?!
  • Terry: You should have been there!
  • Godfrey: What?!
  • Terry: I TOLD you to head back. I didn't need you!
  • Godfrey: Since when is a skinny runt like you safe out in the bush alone?
  • Terry: If Diana's hurt, I swear you'll be the one payin' for it.


Connor killed the burglar. Afterwards, walnut lumber and other items became available.



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