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Bureau Under Attack was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Having sold a map with Assassin names and locations to the Templars, Edward set out to warn one of the targets, the Master Assassin Rhona Dinsmore.


Edward found Rhona being shot at by several men.

  • Edward: It's Rhona, right?
  • Rhona: Kenway. Looking for trouble, I assume?
  • Edward: Hm... I see you haven't lost your charm.
  • Rhona: And you're still boosey as a swill tub. What do you want?
  • Edward: I've come to warn you: your life's in danger.
  • Rhona: Aren't you the crafty one? Whatever gave it away?
  • Edward: Possibly, I had a hand in selling a "sensitive document" to one of those Templar chaps you're so fond of.
  • Rhona: Congratulations. Your mission was a success.
  • Edward: How can I make amends?
  • Rhona: You sober enough for target practice?
  • Edward: Anything for a lady.
  • Rhona: Help me kill these men.

After taking out the first group of attackers, Rhona and Edward decided to set up a trap.

  • Rhona: I've got more than enough powder to take care of them. Drag a powder keg over there. Why not set a powder keg for more boom? Take a keg. Set a trap. Surprise them with a powder keg. Set the keg where they'll least expect it. Use a keg. Set a trap with powder kegs!

Rhona and Edward engaged the next wave of enemies.

  • Rhona: They're coming from everywhere! Fire at the powder keg! They're coming from the left! Cover the right entrance. Fire a snapper at that keg! They'll come from the back. Blast a keg! I'll take care of this one.
    Come on then! Ah, I'm hurt! You're finished! I'm hit!
    A little help, please! Remember me? Your bleeding friend? Ah, a little help would be nice!

Repeating this tactic several more times, the pair managed to protect the bureau.

Bureau Under Attack 5

Rhona questioning Edward's motives

  • Rhona: So, is this your new persona? Sir Edward of Havana, rescues damsels in distress?
  • Edward: And does it suit me, mopsie?
  • Rhona: Better than your old personality. Really Edward, why are you here?
  • Edward: Yes... well, there's a key. Most likely in the pocket of your Templar suitor. I need it.
  • Rhona: Really? And why don't I want this key for myself?
  • Edward: Rhona, I know you're no stranger to a man's boots but the suit this key unlocks won't fit you.
  • Rhona: I'll tell you what: if I think of a chore that requires the help of an especially simple fellow, I'll let you know.


Edward saved the life of Rhona Dinsmore and revealed his intentions.


  • Rhona can lose her footing when caught in a powder keg's explosion, but will not lose any health.
  • Once Rhona picks up a powder keg, it cannot be interacted with in any way, to the extent that it will not detonate if Edward fires at it.
  • Should Rhona's pile of powder kegs detonate, she will still act as though she were carrying them in order to set traps, even though she would not actually be carrying anything.



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