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Bulis threatened by Kassandra

Bulis was an Athenian soldier who served under Commander Rhexenor during the Peloponnesian War.


Around 424 BCE, the poet Aristophanes came up with a play in response to Kleon's motion to put the Mytileneans to death. As the play sought to damage Kleon's reputation, Rhexenor, a member of the Cult of Kosmos under Kleon, tasked Bulis to search the home of Thespis, the play's lead actor, and destroy the play script. While Thespis was distracted by Andras at the tavern, Bulis took the opportunity to search his home.[1]

While his search was underway, Bulis was caught and placed at knife point by the misthios Kassandra, whom Aristophanes had sent to look for Thespis. Kassandra interrogated Bulis for information before deciding his fate.[1]


  • Kassandra can either choose kill or spare his life, also given the option to recruit him aboard the Adrestia.



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