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Building Blocks was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio visited Antonio de Magianis to offer his assistance to the thieves. Antonio was glad to hear this offer and gave Ezio three missions to make the assassination of Emilio Barbarigo less challenging.


Ezio knocked on the door of the thieves guild.

  • Antonio: Avanti, Ezio (Come in, Ezio). Prego (Welcome). Can I offer you something? Biscotti (Biscuit)? Un caffè (A coffee)?
  • Ezio: What's caffè (coffee)?
  • Antonio: An interesting concoction, brought to me by a Turk merchant. Here, have a taste.

Ezio took a small sip.

  • Ezio: A little bitter if you ask me. It just seems lacking somehow....I don't know. Have you considered adding sugar, maybe? Or latte (milk)?
  • Antonio: I suppose it is something of an acquired taste. Enough about that. Now where were we? Our failure at the palazzo cost us dearly. It will take time to recover. No doubt Emilio will use this pause to strengthen his defenses and continue his oppression of the district. You may not share our motive, but I know you share our goal.
  • Ezio: Why not gather your forces and try again?
  • Antonio: To act in haste would only bring more losses. No. We must resupply and draw new plans.
  • Ezio: I can ill afford to sit around and wait.
  • Antonio: Nor would I want you to. Work with us instead. Already my men begin to mend today's wounds. Seek them out; they'll put you to work. The sooner you aid them, the sooner we can strike.
  • Ezio: Molto bene, Messere (Very well, sir). I accept.
  • Antonio: It is the right decision.


Ezio offered his assistance to Antonio, and was given three missions to complete.



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