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The Buckingham Palace vault

The Buckingham Palace vault is a hidden structure beneath Buckingham Palace in London, England that was commissioned by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, in 1847 to house one of the Shrouds of Eden, a Piece of Eden capable of cellular regeneration and biological restoration.


At some point in the early 18th century, the Shroud was discovered by Edward Kenway, a member of the British Brotherhood of Assassins, who elected to hide the Shroud within a vault inside the Tower of London in order to conceal it from the British Templars, who were slowly gaining control over London.

In 1847, the Shroud was discovered by Albert, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria and moved to a specially built crypt beneath the gardens of Buckingham Palace. There, the artifact remained hidden, until 1868, when Templar Grand Master Crawford Starrick sought to obtain its location with the help of the occultist Lucy Thorne.

The Assassins Henry Green and Evie Frye also endeavored to find the location of the artifact, finding clues in the Kenway Mansion that allowed the Assassins to locate the key to the vault, in St. Paul's Cathedral. While the clues led only to the Shroud's original resting place in the Tower of London, the Assassins were able to discern from documentation gathered that the Prince Consort had previously found and moved the Shroud to Buckingham Palace.

After dismantling Starrick's organization, Evie and her twin brother Jacob Frye attended a ball at Buckingham Palace, where Starrick planned to kill Queen Victoria, and the the other heads of state and church. Starrick stole the key from Evie, and used it to open the container holding the Shroud. After a long battle between Starrick and the Frye twins, the Assassins managed to kill the Grand Master, though only after removing the Shroud from his body, and chose to leave the artifact in the crypt.

In October 2015, the Assassins and Abstergo Industries located the crypt through the genetic memories of the Frye twins and infiltrated it to obtain the artifact. During a fight between the Assassins and the Templars, Rebecca Crane was wounded and the Assassins were forced to flee, allowing the Templars to take the Shroud, although Inner Sanctum member Isabelle Ardant was killed by Shaun Hastings.



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