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Buckingham Palace, known before 1826 as Buckingham House, is the London residence and principal workplace of the monarch of the United Kingdom. Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is often at the center of state occasions and royal hospitality. It has been a focus for the British people at times of national rejoicing.[1]


Origin and renovation

The palace was originally a private residence by the Duke of Buckingham, John Sheffield. In 1761, the residence was purchased by King George III for his wife, Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. After his death in 1820, his son George IV aimed to convert the house into a palace. In 1826, George IV hired the Welsh architect John Nash, who doubled the size of the House by adding several rooms, rebuilding the north and south wings and a marble arch in the courtyard. When the redesign budget went over by half a million pounds, John was fired in 1829 by George IV, who died the following year.[2]

The remaining project was then taken over by George IV's brother and successor, William IV of the United Kingdom, who completed the palace in 1830 months after George IV's death. Despite it's completion, William did not live in the palace until Queen Victoria, who became the first monarch to live in the palace.[2]

Victorian era

Evie and Jacob Frye in the palace

In late 1868, Queen Victoria hosted a state ball in the garden of Buckingham Palace; it was during this ball that Crawford Starrick, Grand Master of the British Templars, planned to recover the Shroud from a vault beneath the Palace, in order to assassinate all the heads of state and church present and "begin anew". However, his plot was foiled by the intervention of the twin Assassins Evie and Jacob Frye, who had infiltrated the party in order to assassinate Starrick. After a lengthy fight with Starrick, whose powers had been augmented by the Shroud, both twins killed him and returned the artifact to its resting place.[3] The vault lay undisturbed for decades afterwards, until in late 2015 the Shroud was discovered by both the modern Assassins and Templars and reclaimed by the latter.[4]

Modern times

In 2016, the Assassins Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane travelled to vault behind the palace to recover the Shroud of Eden, having learned it's location. However, they were discovered and overwhelmed by the Templars Juhani Otso Berg, Violet da Costa and Isabelle Ardant. The Assassins were soon assisted by Galina Voronina who created an opening allowing an injured Rebbeca and Shaun to escape. In the ensuing skirmish, Violet escaped with the Shroud while Isabelle was killed.[4]



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