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Brutus Severus (died 47 BCE) was a Roman centurion who served under Agrippa in Cyrenaica during the 1st century BCE.


By 47 BCE, Brutus was placed in charge of the Prasinos Outpost north of the Kyrenaika Roman Citadel. During his tenure, his outpost came under frequent attacks by a group of Egyptian freedom fighters led by Apate. With recommendations from Agrippa, Brutus had the freedom fighters captured and punished by crucifixion.[1]

Eventually, he had Apate captured and prepared to had her crucified outside the fort. However unbeknowst to Brutus, Apate was freed by the Medjay, Bayek of Siwa, who assisted her to attack Brutus' outpost. In the midst of the fighting, Brutus was assassinated by Bayek, preventing his further methods of torture from continuing.[1]



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