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AC3 Broken Sword Knife

The "Broken Sword" Knife

The "Broken Sword" Knife was a knife made from shortened parts of what used to be a much longer hanger sword. The Colonial Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton crafted it during the American Revolution through the use of materials collected from the Davenport Homestead's residents.[1]

Weapon statistics[]

Damage Speed Combo Cost Crafting
5 5 4 N/A Level 2 Blacksmith
Weapons Blades + Special Iron Ingot
This knife is a masterpiece of its kind. Each individual part of the knife has been cleverly cut down from pieces from a longer hanger sword, which gives it a unique look. While it shows some signs of use, you can be confident of its durability. This is a sturdy and well-made piece of equipment.

Behind the scenes[]

In Assassin's Creed III, the "Broken Sword" knife's model first appears in Haytham Kenway's early memory "The Braddock Expedition" when Kaniehtí:io holds it to a restrained George Washington's throat, though it remained unnamed until later in the game when her son Ratonhnhaké:ton learned how to craft items for the homestead.

The name references the Broken Sword video game series which deals with the Knights Templar.